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Investor Information

Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Notice of Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM)
Changes in Board of Directors
Debenture Trustees

Catalyst Trusteeship Limited
‘GDA House’, Plot No 85, Bhusari Colony (Right),
Paud Road, Pune–411038
Tel.: 91 020 - 25280081


Collection Amount Appropriation Policy
Stage Charge Name Priority
Regular Bounce Fee (Cheque/ECS Dishonoured Charges) 1
Additional Interest 2
Overdue Interest 3
Overdue Principal 4
(1 - 3)
Overdue Principal 1
Overdue Interest 2
Bounce Fee (Cheque/ECS Dishonoured Charges) 3
Additional Interest 4
Write Off Overdue Principal 1
Overdue Interest 2

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