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Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator
Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator

Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator Online


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Disclaimer: The above calculator is for display purposes only. This calculator is simply a tool for providing a basic understanding. Please note that the actual effect of part-payments will depend on several other factors, including Grihashakti's policy at the time of application. Please contact us to know more"

In this growing economy, every sector has its competition. One company is trying to edge out the services offered by another company. Consumers today are spoilt for choices. If one brand makes you unhappy you may easily shift to another one. Similarly, in case of a home loan, if you are unhappy with the repayment terms, rate of interests, services or wish to switch to a better lender, you may do so conveniently. You deserve convenience, affordability, feasibility, and assurance while building your future and investing in your home.

The process of switching lenders for your home loan is called home loan balance transfer. Transferring your home loan balance to a different lender might be overwhelming. It is because you may be unsure if it is the right decision to make or if you could end up taking a costlier loan. To save you from such hassles, a Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator comes in handy.

Let us understand what it means in brief.

Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator

A home loan balance transfer is usually done if there has been a major change in the interest rates. It helps the borrower to enjoy lower EMIs. If you have a high outstanding amount, it is advisable to switch lenders for a better deal. To help you with the same, using a balance transfer home loan calculator is advisable.

To understand the amount you are saving up on your EMIs, and overall loan, you will need to furnish some data that is unique to you. The calculator will need a few details or specifications required for calculating your new EMI and your total savings, some terms used by the calculator that you will come across will be as below:

1. Outstanding Principal Amount

The principal amount you took up as a loan needs to be mentioned. It helps to calculate the new EMI and further terms.

2. EMI Payment-

The current equated monthly instalment (EMI) you are paying to your existing lender needs to be mentioned.

3. Pending term-

Out of the total agreed term, the remaining term for which instalments are due is required to be mentioned.

4. Interest factor-

The new lender’s chargeable interest rate shall be mentioned.

5. Term requirements-

When taking up a balance transfer loan, you can reset the terms. It means you can change the repayment term or tenure of the loan.

Once you feed this data to the home loan balance transfer calculator, you will derive the new EMI that will be charged along with your total savings.

Eligibility for Home loan Balance Transfer

As a home loan is a long-term liability, the eligibility depends on the person’s age, income, and other such factors. You can apply for the same by submitting the lender’s requested documents. Having all your documents in place can make the process a smooth one. While switching lenders, ensure that you foreclose your old loan and receive all the important documents. Please also note that foreclosure for the sake of home loan balance transfer will attract foreclosure charges from most lenders.


Looking for a lender that suits your unique requirements? Home Loans from Grihashakti come with lower interest rates, better terms, and enhanced services. Opt for a Home Loan Balance Transfer, today.

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