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Home Loan Mumbai
Home Loan inMumbai

Own a House in Mumbai with Fullerton Grihashakti Home Loans

Mumbai is a dream city for everyone. It’s a destination for entrepreneurs, businesses, factories, young professionals, and much more. People in Mumbai have millions of dreams. One of the biggest dreams for any resident of Mumbai is to have one’s own house. Grihashakti offers you the means to fulfill this dream through affordable home loans in Mumbai.

Benefits to make Grihashakti your preferred home loan in Mumbai:

1) Home loan EMI calculators

Grihashakti offers useful tools like the home loan eligibility calculator and home loan EMI calculator to aid you in better home loan planning.

A Home loan eligibility calculator allows you to find out the maximum loan amount you may get after keying in some important details. Thus, if this amount is less than what you need, you can proactively clear off existing debts or add a co-applicant.

A Home loan EMI calculator helps you know the monthly EMI after you key in the loan amount, rate of interest, and tenure. This helps you select the best possible tenure so that you can pay off your home loan as early as possible without the EMIs straining your monthly budget.

2) Affordable Home loan interest rate

Grihashakti - a trusted home loan provider in Mumbai offers attractive home loan interest rates with flexible repayment tenures of up to 30 years. These features help bring down your EMI, making it easier on your wallet.

3) Quick processing:

Fullerton Grihashakti processes your home loan within 72 hours of document verification and property evaluation. You will need to provide the requisite documents promptly so as to speed up the process from your end. Swift processing is a benefit that makes your experience enjoyable. It also lets you progress on your plan efficiently.

Required Documents for Housing Loan in Mumbai :

Grihashakti requests minimal documents for home loan processing. Both salaried and self employed professionals are eligible for a Grihashakti home loan. Here is the list of basic documents that need to be submitted:

Proof Of Identity
  • PAN Card
  • Voters ID
  • Driving License
  • Employee Card
Proof Of Income
  • Last 3 months’ salary slips
  • 2 years’ Form 16
  • 6 months’ bank statement with salary credit
Proof of Residence
  • Aadhaar Card*
  • Latest Electricity bill/Piped gas monthly bill
  • Ration Card
  • Property Tax/Water Bill
Self Employed
Proof Of Identity
  • PAN Card
  • Voters ID
  • Driving License
Proof Of Income
  • Last 2 years’ ITR with computation
  • CA audited Financial wherever applicable
  • 6 months primary bank statement
Proof of Residence
  • Aadhaar Card*
  • Latest Electricity bill/Piped gas monthly bill
  • Ration Card
  • Property Tax/Water Bill

Please note that apart from the above, applicants will also need to submit the complete set of property documents. Moreover, depending on your individual profile and requirement, as well as Grihashakti’s policy at the time of loan application, additional documents may also be requested.

*Terms and conditions applicable. Loans are sanctioned at the discretion of Fullerton Grihashakti. Please note that Aadhaar numbers should be masked before submission as per regulatory guidelines.


What is a home loan?

Home loan is an amount of money that you borrow from a lender in order to buy a house. The borrower then needs to repay the loan plus interest through monthly instalments to the lender till the entire home loan is repaid.

What is an EMI?

EMI (Equated monthly instalment) is the monthly amount that is paid by the borrower to the lender, through which he/she repays the loan. The total number of EMIs required to repay the loan plus interest - also known as the loan tenure - is stipulated at the beginning of your home loan.

How do I repay a home loan?

You can repay a home loan by choosing a tenure that best suits your needs. After choosing your tenure, you have to commit to repay your loan by paying monthly instalments (EMIs) for the entire duration of the tenure. You can repay your Grihashakti home loan via monthly EMIs in the following ways:

Offline payment:

  1. Submit post dated cheques
  2. Drop the cheque/payment in the branch every month

Online payment:

  1. Via the website - click on the “Pay EMI” option on the top of this page
  2. Sign-up for the ECS/auto-debit facility which automatically debits the EMI from your bank account on a pre-agreed upon date every month
How much home loan can I get?
With Fullerton Grihashakti, you can get a maximum home loan of up to 90% of the property value. To know the maximum amount you may be eligible for based on the nature and value of the property as well as your repayment capacity, please use our home loan eligibility calculator.
How can I apply for a home loan in Mumbai?
Fullerton Grihashakti presents an extremely easy online application procedure. If you choose to apply online, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button on this page, fill up the requested information, upload documents, and submit. Our representative will get in touch with you to take the process ahead. . If you decide to apply offline, then you can visit any of our branches in Mumbai.

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