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Home loan for buying new home
Fast and Easy Home Loan
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Home Purchase Loan


Buying a home is likely to be one of the biggest achievements of your life. Irrespective of whether you are planning to buy a new house or a resold house, you can avail of a home purchase loan to fund your requirements.

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Features of Home Purchase Loan

Longer tenure

Thanks to a longer tenure, your EMI is bound to reduce. Thus you can repay your home loan conveniently without compromising on your standard of living.

Home Loan

Tax benefits

Enjoy tax benefits under relevant sections of the law on the amount borrowed and on the interest payable.

Home Loan

Purchase any type of home

Avail of a loan to purchase a flat, bungalow, row house etc. or any other type of properties from Housing Development Authorities.

Home Loan EMI

Affordability and Transparency

We offer home loans at affordable interest rates. Therefore, your EMIs would be easier to pay off. We are transparent about fees, charges, terms and conditions so that you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Home Loan


The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Subsidy enables eligible first time home buyers to avail of a subsidy on interest for the purchase, construction, renovation or extending your home. This scheme was introduced to provide affordable housing to the Economically Weaker/Middle-Income strata of society.

Home Loan Tax Benefits

Flexible and seamless repayment methods

You can pay your EMIs through Electronic Clearing Service (ECS - this means that the EMI would be debited directly from your bank account) or through Post Dated Cheques (PDCs). You can also pay your EMI online through our website from the convenience of your home.

*Interest rate applicable is per annum. Terms & conditions and charges apply. Details available on request. Loans at the discretion of Grihashakti (Fullerton India Home Finance Company Limited).

Benefits of a Home Purchase Loan

The benefits of opting for a home purchase loan include:

Benefits on a second house: In the case of a second house, you are entitled to claim a deduction under Section 24 of the Income Tax Act on the interest amount actually paid.

Capital Appreciation:Availing of a home purchase loan for buying a home can help you in reaping the benefits of capital appreciation in future.

Saves rent: Rather than paying rent, you would be paying an EMI for buying a home that would be your asset. Alternately, if your reason to buy a house is solely for investment or for future use, you can rent out your property in the interim and earn money, which could contribute towards your EMI.

Balance Transfer:You can transfer the balance of your home purchase loan availed from other providers to Fullerton Grihashakti to avail a competitive rate of interest and excellent service.

Home Purchase Loan Interest Rate

We offer affordable interest rates best suited to your requirement, profile and eligibility.

Documents required for Home Purchase Loan

The documents required for a home loan are basic. The requirement varies based on whether you are self-employed or salaried. The basic documents required to evaluate your eligibility for a home purchase loan include:

Type of Document Salaried Self-Employed
Identity proof documents PAN Card, Voters Card, Driving License, etc. PAN Card, Voters Card, Driving License, etc.
Proof of Income Previous 3 months’ salary slips, previous 2 years Form 16, Previous 6 months banks statement to prove that the salary is being credited Previous 2 years ITR computation, 6 months Bank Statements, CA audited financials wherever applicable in case of self-employed professionals.
Residence Proof Aadhaar Card*, the latest electricity bill, water bill, Ration Card, etc. Aadhaar Card*, the latest electricity bill, water bill, Ration Card, etc.

Documents pertaining to the property you wish to purchase will also be requested.

*Terms and conditions applicable. Loans are sanctioned at the discretion of Fullerton Grihashakti. Please note that Aadhaar numbers should be masked before submission as per regulatory guidelines

Home Purchase Loan eligibility criteria

The home loan eligibility criteria for buying both new and resale homes are extremely basic to ensure that more applicants can apply for a home loan to finance purchasing a home. It is advisable to log into our website and check your home loan eligibility and plan your loan with the help of a home loan calculator to increase the chances of your loan being approved:

Salaried  Self-Employed
An employee of a multinational, listed public company, government company, private companies or MSMEs as specified by us from time to time. Sole proprietor/businessman
An employee of a private company, unlisted or listed company, partnership firm, etc. Self-employed professionals like a doctor, architect, etc.
  Partner in a private limited, closely-held, partnership firm or in an unlisted company


What is a home purchase loan and how does it work?

A home purchase loan is a type of financial assistance provided by a financial institution such as Fullerton Grihashakti that enables you to purchase, renovate, and extend your new and resale home with ease. Loan providers like Fullerton Grihashakti offer home purchase loan products at nominal rates of interest spread over a comfortably long tenure ensuring that you can repay the loan without compromising on your standard of living.

How do I apply for a home purchase loan?

You can fill up the home loan application form online and expect a call back from us within 48 working hours. Alternatively, you can walk into any of our branches nearest to your home or office. You can also call us on 1800 102 1003 to know more about the home purchase loan application process.

What is the maximum home loan that I can obtain?

At Fullerton Grihashakti, you can apply for a maximum loan amount of Rs. 1 crores for a tenure of up to 30 years to purchase a new home or resold home. However, please note that the maximum loan amount an applicant may be able to get will depend on a number of factors such as credit score, repayment history, income, value and nature of the property, etc.

How do I repay a home loan?

You can repay your home purchase loan easily through the following ways:

  • Submit post-dated cheques at your nearest Fullerton Grihashakti branch
  • Register for the Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) or auto debit facility so that the amount is directly debited from your bank account on a fixed date
  • Direct online payment – Click on the “Pay EMI” button on the top menu to complete your EMI payment via net banking, debit cards, Google Pay, UPI, and so on.
  • Use the customer login section of the website.
Which factors affect your home loan eligibility?

Lending institutions take into consideration several factors including your credit score, credit history, income, employment status, financial obligations, age, location, property to be purchased, etc. while calculating your eligibility for a loan.

How to get a home loan with ease?

Here are some of the measures which you can take for ensuring that your new home loan is easily approved:

  • Check your credit report for errors and rectify errors (if any)
  • Check the eligibility criteria to ensure that your profile fits the same
  • Use our home loan EMI calculator to estimate the monthly EMI you may have to pay. If this amount in addition to your existing monthly obligations is less than 70-80% of your monthly salary, you can easily get the new home loan.
  • Fullerton Grihashakti offers upto 90% of the home purchase loan amount, depending on your eligibility. Make sure that you can arrange for the remaining amount using your own funds or through a personal loan.
  • While buying a home, the property you are planning to purchase must have all the required paperwork and should not be too old, it should also be approved by the local housing development authority.
How long does it take to get a home loan sanctioned?

It usually takes 3-4 weeks to get a housing loan sanctioned. Therefore, you could plan the process of buying a home accordingly.

What are the types of home loans available?

The different types of home loans available include loans for buying home, loans for home improvement, construction and extension. We also offer balance transfer on any ongoing home loan / property loan you may have





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Government of India is continuously working to ensure this dream come true for all home seekers in the country.

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Thinking of buying your first home? Then you must be someone who may have spent countless hours researching online or discussing about it with your friends, family, co-workers, maid and even your cab driver.

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Happy Owners

Happy Homes
Mr. & Mrs. Vijaya Bhaskar Besta, Secunderabad
Pujan N. Maniar Family, Ahmedabad
Mr. & Mrs. Chandrashekhar Shashtrimath, Karnataka
Rupam Das Family, Kolkata
Mr. & Mrs. Kaithepalli Harishkumar, Vishakhapatnam
Mr. R Sarvanakumar, Chennai
N. Durga family, Chennai
P. Vasanthakumari family, Chennai
Mr. &Mrs. Rakoti Simhachala, Vishakhapatnam
Mr.Hemant Chandramani, Rajkot
Y. Sai Kumari Family, Vishakhapatnam

“Owning a home brings in a sense of satisfaction and pride. The representative from Grihashakti has delivered good service and made our walkthrough in loan process easy. My favourite part in the entire home is the living room, which I have decorated well with special care.”

Mr. & Mrs. Vijaya Bhaskar Besta, Secunderabad

“Nothing compares to the happiness, which you get on moving to a home of your own. We are thankful to Grihashakti for helping us to achieve this happiness – they delivered excellent services in all aspects. Ever since we have moved to our home, our business has been booming!”

Pujan N. Maniar Family, Ahmedabad

“We are really happy to shift to our own place. Thanks to Grihashakti team, who helped us with their good service. The new home is very lucky for us because after we shifted here, I started my own business.”

Mr. & Mrs. Chandrashekhar Shashtrimath, Karnataka

“Having a house of your own gives you a sense of security and fulfilment. Kudos to the Grihashakti team – they are very prompt in their services! Our home is very special to us as we bond together as a family and also spend quality time with friends.”

Rupam Das Family, Kolkata

“We were looking for a home of happiness and peace. Thanks to the Grihashakti team, who helped us to realise this dream of ours. Our home has been very lucky for us – ever since we have shifted to our new home, prosperity followed!”

Mr. & Mrs. Kaithepalli Harishkumar, Vishakhapatnam

“I was very excited when I moved to my first home. Along with purchase of my new home, I also needed some funds to renovate my home. Grihashakti has been very cooperative and made my loan process very smooth. I love the balcony of my house, where I see birds chirping every morning."

Mr. R Sarvanakumar, Chennai

“Our new house is very special to me as it was the first house after our daughter was born. With Grihashakti we completed the loan process very smoothly. I love the hall of my house, where I can watch my daughter play.”

N. Durga family, Chennai

“The best part of our new home is its locality! Situated near a children’s park, now our children get to play during evenings. Service from Grihashakti has been wonderful with speedy and hassle-free loan process.”

P. Vasanthakumari family, Chennai

“Having a home is a special feeling and we experienced this when we moved from our rented accommodation to our own home. We feel fortunate to come across Grihashakti, who made the entire loan journey so simple and fast. My favourite place in the home is the living room, where I can relax with my wife after a day’s work."

Mr. &Mrs. Rakoti Simhachala, Vishakhapatnam

“It was a great feeling to own my first home. I am thankful to Grihashakti for their assistance throughout the loan process. Now my home being closer to my workplace, I can spend a quality time with my family”

Mr.Hemant Chandramani, Rajkot

“Staying in a home of your own has its own comforts. And if it is your first home, the feeling becomes more special. Thanks to Grihashakti as they helped us to realise our dream. The entire home is very special to us as we build sweet memories every day.”

Y. Sai Kumari Family, Vishakhapatnam

“A home of your own makes you feel independent. My mother was so happy when I shifted her to my own home. Grihashakti has been really helpful in making the entire loan process smooth and hassle-free. The favourite place at my home is the living room where I can spend quality time with my mother.”

Ms.Reema Chandiramani, Bhopal

Our home being the first home of our own is very special to me. It has also been a symbol of security for us. Grihashakti has been really quick in their processes and helped us through the entire loan process. Every corner of our home reflects a part of us – happiness and peace!"

Mr. & Mrs. Dinesh Sharman, Bhopal

I really feel proud to own my first home. I am thankful to Grihashakti, as the employees were so cooperative that I didn’t have to visit the branch repeatedly. My favourite in the home is balcony, from where I can see the vast sky."

Ms.Anju Saini, Kishangarh

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