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Loan against property EMI Calculator
Loan Against Property Calculator
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Loan Against Property EMI Calculator

Loan Against Property EMI Calculator

The Loan Against Property EMI calculator is a tool that helps you to calculate EMI on a mortgage loan with ease. The calculator gives you accurate results based on the details such as the loan amount, rate of interest and loan repayment tenure.

Also known as mortgage calculator, it is a self-help planning tool that assists you in calculating the EMI amount and determining the right loan tenure based on your present and expected future cash flows. Thus, helps you in making an informed decision.


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Disclaimer: Please note that this calculator is simply a self-planning tool, and is for demonstration purposes only. Your final EMI amount will depend on many factors, and will be disclosed in the schedule shared with you after loan approval. For more details, please contact us


Steps to Use Loan Against Property EMI Calculator

The loan against property calculator is very easy to use and all you need is to provide the following three basic inputs to arrive at your EMI.

  • Loan Principal: It is the amount that you wish to avail as a loan or availed from the lender as a loan against property.

  • Rate of Interest: You need to provide the applicable loan against property interest rate. The interest rate applicable on the loan is determined based on the borrower’s eligibility and several other factors like size loan amount, loan tenure etc.

    Since the loan against property falls under the secured category, the rate of interest is lower compared to other categories of loan.

  • Loan Tenure: It is the total repayment period you wish to avail for the loan against property.

    You should select the loan tenure based on factors like remaining years till retirement and other long term financial obligations. A longer tenure helps to reduce the monthly EMI amount. On the other hand, a shorter tenure will help you close your loan faster and result in a lesser total interest payable.

    You can adjust the loan tenure multiple times to arrive at the best option for a loan against property EMI so that it easily fits within your monthly budget.

Benefits of Loan Against Property Calculator

  • Simple & Free: The online loan against property calculator tool is easy and simple to use. You can use it as many times as you want without any costs and fees involved.

  • Instant and Accurate Result: It helps you to do away with the manual calculations, which is time-consuming and there are higher chances of errors in the result. The loan against property calculator works on a particular algorithm and is completely automated, which gives you instant results with high accuracy.

  • Helps You to Know the Full Schedule EMI Payments in Advance: Using the calculator, you can know the breakup of EMI payments of every year in the form of reducing balance table.

  • For example- total interest to be paid, total principal repayments, and closing balance of a particular year of the loan tenure. It helps you to plan your finances accordingly and make necessary adjustments to your EMI beforehand.

  • Increases the Chances of Loan Eligibility: Any lender before advancing a loan looks for practical loan repayment schedule and repayment affordability from the borrower.

    Using the calculator, you can determine the right EMI amount based on your income outlook and repayment capability. Thus, helps you in improving the chances of loan against property eligibility .

    Having access to EMI information beforehand helps in better financial planning and limit the financial strain.

  • Easier Comparison: You can easily compare the long against property product offered by different lenders and select the most suitable option for yourself.

It is recommended to use this calculator before applying for a loan so that you can get a near accurate estimate of your monthly EMI and then select a tenure accordingly. Please note that the final rate of interest offered to you will depend on a number of factors including Fullerton Grihashakti’s policy at the time of loan application. Also, the loan against property EMI amount computed by the calculator is not the final one. Other factors that affect your final EMI calculation include application of other charges such as insurance and service charges. The calculator will also not take into account any changes in interest rate during the tenure, part-payments, or penalty charges.


What is a loan against property calculator?

Grihashakti offers an easy-to-use loan against property calculator that allows you to easily calculate your future monthly instalments towards the repayment of your loan. You can vary the tenure for a given loan amount & interest rate to get the monthly EMI amount, and then decide, based on your monthly budget, the best possible repayment tenure so that you are able to pay your loan quickly, and at the same time, not overstretch your finances. This increases the transparency in your overall loan application and allows you to prepare better for your outflows.

How does a loan against property calculator work?

A loan against property EMI calculator works on a formula after entering certain key details like loan against property interest rate, loan amount, and tenure. Thereafter, the loan against property calculator works based on the below formula:

EMI = {Principle * Interest rate (1 + Interest rate^no. of instalments} / {(1 + Interest rate)^no. of instalments - 1}

The formula works immediately and gives you the results. Do note that the calculator does not take into account other components that may be added to your EMI (such as insurance) as per the terms in your loan agreement.

What is an EMI?

An EMI is an equated monthly installment, which is a monthly amount you have to pay your lender till your loan is fully repaid. Each EMI installment consists of principal and interest components (and additional components as per terms in the loan agreement).

Why should I use the loan against property calculator?

The Grihashakti loan against property calculator provides many benefits like

  • Helping you estimate your monthly EMI
  • Helps you select an optimal tenure to aid in more efficient financial planning.
  • Our LAP calculator also enables you to see the schedule so that your loan process clearer to you.
How does one use a loan against property calculator?

The usage of Grihashakti’s loan against property calculator is very simple. All you have to do is to enter basic details like loan amount, rate of interest, and repayment tenure. The loan against property calculator gives you the EMI instantly. You can re-use it any number of times without any restriction to arrive and a comfortable EMI amount.

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