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All About Carpet, Built-Up And Super Built-Up Area

Nov 28, 2022
All About Carpet, Built-Up And Super Built-Up Area

Carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area are commonly used terms that define property area. Homebuyers who know the difference between the three can easily distinguish and decide compared to the ones who aren’t quite familiar with the real estate jargon.

Whenever we buy a house, we pay per square foot or square meter, and that’s how the property area is calculated. If these terms sound confusing to you as a buyer, then understanding the fundamental differences between the three can help. The article will take you through these terms and allow you to interpret them better.

What Does Carpet Area Mean?

Also termed as the net usable area, the carpet area is the overall area that a carpet can cover. It is the distance that exists between the inner walls. A carpet area covers significant sections of the house. A staircase can fall on the radar inside the flat/apartment.

According to RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act), every house, flat, or apartment must have a dedicated carpet area.

Here’s a list of areas that carpet area covers and doesn’t cover:

A Carpet Area Covers:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom, Drawing room, Dressing room, etc.
  • Staircase, if it is within the house/apartment
  • Balcony, if it is within the house/apartment

A Carpet Area Doesn’t Cover:

  • Terrace
  • External Walls
  • Ducts
  • Common areas

Now that the carpet area meaning is clear, let’s move on to how to calculate it.

How To Calculate Carpet Area?

There are two ways to calculate Carpet Area.

1. Carpet Area

  • Carpet Area = Total Area - Wall Thickness

The Total Area constitutes the bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, etc.

2. Calculating Carpet Area From Built-up Area

Ideally, the coverage of carpet area to built-up area is 70%. Then the carpet area formula is:

  • Carpet Area = 70% of the Built-Up Area

So, if the total built-up area is 3000 sq ft., the carpet area will be 2100 sq. ft.

What is The Carpet Area’s Importance?

The importance of carpet area is:

  • Deals based on carpet area are more efficient and add more to the real estate trends.
  • Home buyers get to know the actual area available for use.
  • Carpet Area plays a major role in defining the residential housing plan. For metro cities, it is 60 sq. m, and for non-metro cities, it is 90 sq. m.

What Does Built-up Area Mean?

The meaning of built-up area is the total area that the house/apartment/flat covers. Therefore, the entire carpet area is subtracted by the inner and outer walls, and utility ducts add to the built-up area.

The percentage of built-up area is always more than carpet area.

A Built-up Area Covers:

  • Inner and Outer Walls
  • Carpet Area
  • Utility Ducts
  • Interior parts like pipes and drains

A Built-up Area Doesn’t Cover:

  • Tanks
  • Courtyards
  • Corridors
  • Garden Area
  • Lift Lobby
  • Conduits

How To Calculate Built-up Area?

The built-up area calculation is as follows:

  • Built-up Area = Carpet Area + Inner and Outer Wall Thickness + Internal Parts + Ducts

The ideal built-up area to carpet area lies anywhere between 15% and 30%.

What is Built-up Area’s Importance?

The carpet area can be estimated if the built-up area is given. Plus, the built-up area is the primary unit to analyse the actual area to be used.

What Does Super Built-up Area Mean?

The super built-up area is the entire area, including the built-up area. All the common area of a house falls under the super built-up area. In certain cases, amenities like pools, gardens, and swimming pools are part of the super built-up area. It covers the lobby, lift, gym, clubhouse, and swimming pool.

How To Calculate Super Built-up Area?

The formula to calculate the super built-up area is:

  • Super Built-up Area = Built-Up Area + Common Shared Area

Loading factor is another common term used when we speak of super built-up areas. The loading factor is the difference between the super built-up area and the carpet area of the house/apartment. The loading factor is usually 15-50%.

What is Super Built-up Area’s Importance?

The super built-up area is also called the Saleable area since homeowners sell the property to buyers based on this amount.


The shared information is enough for readers to understand the difference between carpet and built-up areas. As a house buyer, it is natural to be in a dilemma to choose a suitable housing space that will align with your needs. Buying a house or a flat is a big decision, and with real estate prices rising daily, one way to fulfil your dreams is a home loan.

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What is the meaning of carpet area?

The carpet area is the sum of all the other areas of the house, excluding the thickness of the walls.

What is the meaning of the built-up area?

The built-up area covers the carpet area in addition to the inner walls and the balcony. It includes all the areas of the house.

What is the loading factor?

The difference between the super built-up and carpet area is the loading factor. When the loading factor is 1.30, that signifies an addition of 30% to the carpet area.

How is carpet area calculated?

The sum of the area of the bedroom, toilet, living room, bathroom, etc., minus the thickness of the wall, is how the carpet area is calculated.

What is the meaning of a super built-up area?

The super built-up area has a staircase, lobby, gym, swimming pool, etc. This is in addition to the carpet area.

What is carpet area according to RERA?

The net usable floor area of the house is how RERA defines carpet area. The difference between the RERA carpet area and the carpet area is the thickness of the internal partition walls.

What is the difference between carpet area and built-up area?

The net usable area in a house is the carpet area whereas the built-up area is the total area covered including the coverage of inner and outer walls.

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