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Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Records - All You Need to Know

Dec 12, 2023
Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Records - All You Need to Know

Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Records is West Bengal's premier online initiative for managing and accessing land records. Users can seamlessly search, download, and print land information in WB with just a few clicks.

This comprehensive platform goes beyond essential record-keeping, offering valuable features like real-time application tracking, insightful land classification data, and grievance filing.

With a dedicated mobile app, accessing these services has always been challenging, making it the go-to source for all your Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Records.

What are Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Records?

In 2008, the government of West Bengal launched Banglarbhumi, the official portal for land records and reforms. With its comprehensive features, this centralized platform provides convenient access to important documents such as ROR, Khatian, and mutation certificates.

By enabling users to search and download land records, track applications, and gain insights on land classification, the Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Records portal promotes transparency, efficiency, and ease in land administration.

It empowers citizens to manage their land records effectively, ensuring fair access to land resources throughout the state. Users can conveniently retrieve records through the Banglarbhumi mobile app, making it a user-friendly tool for accessing services.

What Are Services Offered Under Banglarbhumi?

The range of  services under the Banglarbhumi portal has benefited its account holders in several ways:

1. Maintenance of land records

Banglarbhumi plays a vital role in ensuring accurate documentation of land ownership, leaving no room for error. Both citizens and government entities heavily rely on this platform for comprehensive and up-to-date land-related information.

2. Application of records of lands:

The portal vastly simplifies obtaining West Bengal's land ownership documents, which are frequently necessary for applying for property loans and handling similar matters.

3. Rent controller services:

Banglarbhumi promotes fair rent practices throughout West Bengal that benefit renters and property owners. By serving as a comprehensive source of information, it ensures transparency and helps set appropriate rental rates according to specific areas, fostering equitable agreements between landlords and tenants.

How to register on Banglarbhumi WB?

Follow these steps to register on Banglarbhumi WB for a seamless experience:

  • Head to the official website of Banglarbhumi -
  • Once on the homepage, you will be asked to sign up.
  • Provide your residential details, name, other information, etc., as requested. 
  • Set a strong password using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Type in the captcha for authentication.
  • Click "Generate OTP". Verify the information before entering the password sent to your mobile number.
  • Press ‘Submit’ after completing your application.

Benefits of West Bengal Banglarbhumi 2023

  • The Banglarbhumi portal is a revolutionary tool that streamlines West Bengal property transactions and eliminates the inconvenience of visiting physical government offices.
  • It boasts a user-friendly interface that can be accessed anytime and anywhere while providing extensive information on land and property reforms.
  • This has made buying and selling properties more convenient than ever before.
  • With real-time updates available, people residing in even remote regions of West Bengal can utilize the portal's features.
  • It is the perfect platform for entrepreneurs seeking to evaluate potential locations for industrial setups in the state.

How to Check Land Records in West Bengal?

If you are wondering about how to check online land records in West Bengal, use these steps to simplify your search:

Step 1: Access Banglarbhumi’s ‘Know your property’ section on and input data in the following fields to locate Khatian and plot details on the map.

  • District
  • Block
  • Mouza

Step 2: Begin searching by name or number on Fill in mandatory fields in the 'Know your property' section.

Step 3: You can use 'Search by Khatian' or 'Search by Plot' for specific details.

Step 4: Input the khatian or plot number and the case-sensitive captcha for access.

Step 5: Recognize plot status with indicators like CC (Court Case) against a Khatian.

Note: In Banglarbhumi, colors signify data status: Green (live), Blue (legacy), and Black (unavailable data).

How to check Banglarbhumi LR-RS plot information?

To access Banglarbhumi land records (including LR-RS plot information), adopting the following approach may be helpful:

  • Go to the Banglarbhumi portal.
  • Under ‘Citizen Services,’ choose the ‘RS/LR’ option on the Banglarbhumi land info site.
  • Pick district, mouza, and block on the website.
  • Choose LR or RS.
  • Enter your plot number and press ‘Search.’'
  • The Banglarbhumi LR-RS plot details will appear on-screen.

How to download land records using Banglarbhumi app?

If you would like to know how to download land records using the Banglarbhumi app, follow these steps:

  • Download the Banglarbhumi or Jomir Tothya apps from the Google Play Store.
  • Create your account on the app by filling in the required details.
  • You can navigate through the app and access land records. Download as necessary.
  • The information that can be downloaded is as follows:
    • Khatian: Discover land details such as owner's name, type, address, plot count, and total area using Banglarbhumi.
    • Plot: Access land specifics like co-sharer Khatian numbers, classifications, tenants, and owner details via Banglarbhumi.
    • Hal and Sabek Land (LR-RS): Find convertible land information on Jomir Tothya by entering district, block, and mouza details for LR or RS data.
    • Payment details: Explore processing fees for warish, conversion, and mutation on Banglarbhumi.
    • Officers' information: Identify sub-divisions and block officials in Banglarbhumi for relevant land data.
    • Updates: Track hearing, investigation, or mutation status through Banglarbhumi or Jomir Tathya apps.


By assigning an exclusive digital platform for West Bengal land records, Banglarbhumi has genuinely revolutionized the art of land management. It is a remarkable initiative that fosters trust and reduces bureaucracy, contributing to the state's progress. By embracing technology, Banglarbhumi continues to pave the way for a more transparent and efficient land management system in West Bengal. As we applaud this transformative journey, consider another milestone in your life with SMFG Grihashakti home loans. Secure your dream home effortlessly – apply now and embark on your homeownership journey.


How can I check my land record in West Bengal?

You can refer to your land records in West Bengal by visiting the website of the Directorate of Land Records and Survey ( Your land registration number and other relevant information may also be needed.

How can I find land records online in West Bengal?

The official website of the Directorate of Land Records and Survey has a dedicated section for land records. You can find your documents by entering your name, registration number, etc.

Which is the best app for land records in West Bengal?

The Banglarbhumi app or the Jomir Tothya app is available on the Google Play Store to access information pertaining to land and property records.

What is mouza in West Bengal?

A mouza is the district's smallest unit for collecting revenue. It typically consists of one or more villages or a cluster of them. It plays a critical role in revenue evaluation and land management.

What are the types of land in West Bengal?

There are several different types of land in West Bengal, including:

  • Agricultural land
  • Forest land
  • Wasteland
  • Homestead land

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