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BBMP Property Tax – How to Calculate, Check Status and Pay Tax?

April 02, 2024
BBMP Property Tax – How to Calculate, Check Status and Pay Tax?

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) is the municipal corporation of Bangalore that levies property taxes on eligible individuals. The tax regime can seem daunting if you’re new to Bangalore. To simplify the process, we bring you this comprehensive guide on paying BBMP property tax online, which will cover the following:

  • The latest BBMP news
  • The property tax rates in Bangalore
  • How to calculate BBMP property tax
  • How to apply for BBMP tax online
  • Factors that influence the calculation of property tax

Latest News on BBMP Property Tax

Recently, there were reports circulating around that a property tax revision will be effective from April 1 2024, which will cause a steep hike in the tax levied. However, according to a TOI article dated 26 March 2024, the Bangalore state government has ruled out this claim. They have clarified that the levy computation method which was adopted in 2016 will remain in effect.

What is the Property Tax Rate in Bangalore?

The tax is levied and collected by the BBMP based on the zone in which the property is located. Bangalore is divided into 6 zones: A, B, C, D, E, and F. The rates are as follows:

  • For Zone A
    1. Tenanted Property (per sq)- INR 5
    2. Self-Occupied Property (per sq)- INR 2.50
  • For Zone B
    1. Tenanted Property (per sq)- INR 4
    2. Self-Occupied Property (per sq)- INR 2
  • For Zone C
    1. Tenanted Property (per sq)- INR 3.60
    2. Self-Occupied Property (per sq)- INR 1.80
  • For Zone D
    1. Tenanted Property (per sq)- INR 3.20
    2. Self-Occupied Property (per sq)- INR 1.60
  • For Zone E
    1. Tenanted Property (per sq)- INR 2.40
    2. Self-Occupied Property (per sq)- INR 1.20
  • For Zone F
    1. Tenanted Property (per sq)- INR 2
    2. Self-Occupied Property (per sq)- INR 1

How to Pay BBMP Property Tax?

There are 2 modes of payment for BBMP property tax – online and offline.

To Pay BBMP Property Tax Online

  • Go to the BBMP Tax Portal at
  • Enter the 10-digit SAS Application Number or PID Number on the tax portal. You can find these on the last receipt.
  • Then, click on ‘Retrieve’. Now, you will see the property owner's details. If they are correct, click on ‘Proceed’. This will take you to Form IV. If there are any changes, you will be redirected to Form V.
  • The form will be pre-filled. Make sure you check all the details, including tax computation. When you are sure of every detail, you can proceed to pay fully or in installments, either online or via challan, as per your convenience.
  • You will be taken to the payment page if you choose the online payment option. Here, you can choose the mode of payment, such as net banking or credit/debit cards.
  • Complete the payment. Note the receipt number that will be generated. An e-receipt is generated on the portal in around 24 hours.
  • For any problems faced, please contact BBMP at [email protected] or 080-22660000.

To Pay BBMP Property Tax Offline

  • Visit the Assistant Revenue Office or Bangalore One Center for the property tax form.
  • Complete the form with all relevant details and ensure that all details are correct before submitting it to the office.
  • Next, you can pay the tax through a demand draft or a card.

How to Check BBMP Property Tax Bill Online?

To check the BBMP property tax online bill, follow these steps:

  • Go to the BBMP Tax Portal at
  • Find the tab named ‘Payment Status’ on the home page.
  • Click on the ‘Payment Status’ tab and search using your Application Number or Transaction Number.
  • The status of your payment will be shown on the screen.

How to Check the Payment Status of Property Tax BBMP Online?

Once you have paid the tax, you can check your payment status by following these steps:

  • Go to the official BBMP Tax Portal online.
  • Search using your BBMP property tax application number or transaction number.
  • Fill in the required number, then click on ‘Retrieve.’
  • You should be able to see the payment status.

How to Calculate BBMP Property Tax?

You can calculate BBMP property tax by using this formula:

Property tax (K) = (G – I)*20% + Cess (24% of property tax)In this formula,

G stands for Gross Unit Area Value, which comes from adding these three components:

  • Tenanted area of property x Per sq. ft. rate of property x 10 months.
  • Self-occupied property area x Per sq. ft. rate of property x 10 months.
  • Vehicle parking area x Per sq. ft. rate of vehicle parking area x 10 months.

I is calculated with this formula:

I = G*H/100

Here, H stands for the percentage of depreciation rate, which is based on the age of the property.

Calculating your BBMP property tax is easier if you use the free BBMP online tax calculator  on the BBMP Tax portal.

Things to Remember before Calculating BBMP Property Tax

Before calculating BBMP property tax manually, you must know a few things beforehand to ease the process and calculate accurately.

  • You must know the total area of your property.
  • You must know the rate per square foot area.
  • You should also know the depreciation applicable to your property to calculate BBMP property tax accurately.

What Kind of Properties Attract Property tax in Bangalore?

When it comes to property tax, different types of properties in Bangalore are taxed based on their value. Taxes are payable on all kinds of property – rented, occupied, or vacant. The following types of properties attract BBMP property tax in Bangalore:

  • Residential houses – There are different rates for rented and self-occupied houses.
  • Flats
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Godowns
  • Factories

As discussed above, BBMP has divided the city into 6 zones for different tax slabs based on their unit area value.

  • Zone 1: Malleswaram, Rajajinagar, Basavangudi, and Jayanagar
  • Zone 2: Banashankari, Koramangala, and BTM Layout
  • Zone 3: Indiranagar, Ulsoor, and Domlur
  • Zone 4: Mahadevapura, Marathahalli, and Whitefield
  • Zone 5: Yelahanka, Hebbal, and Devanahalli
  • Zone 6: Bommanahalli, Begur, and Electronics City

Property Tax Slabs in Bangalore

The BBMP Property tax regime in Bangalore surpasses different taxes for different zones. The tax slabs are also bifurcated based on what kind of property you own. In this section, we will discuss various tax slabs for residential property, commercial property, and vacant lands.

Property Tax Slab for Residential Property

Zone Rate per square feet for self-occupied property Rate per square feet for rented-out property
A. INR 2.50 INR 5
B. INR 2 INR 4
C. INR 1.80 INR 3.60
D. INR 1.60 INR 3.20
E. INR 1.20 INR 2.40
F. INR 1 INR 2

Property Tax Slab for Commercial Property

Zone Rate per square feet for self-occupied property Rate per square feet for rented-out property
A. INR 10 INR 20
B. INR 7 INR 14
C. INR 5 INR 10
D. INR 4 INR 8
E. INR 3 INR 6
F. INR 1.50 INR 3

Property Tax Slab for Vacant Lands

Zone Rate per square foot
A. INR 0.50
B. INR 0.40
C. INR 0.30
D. INR 0.25
E. INR 0.20
F. INR 0.12

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How to Get a BBMP Tax Application Number?

Your BBMP tax application number is the same as the PID number. Your PID number can be generated using the following steps:

  • Go to the official BBMP website at
  • At the bottom right of the page, select GEPTIS
  • Sign in with your credentials
  • You’ll be taken to a Google map. When you hover your mouse over the property on the map, you will see property details, including the PID number.

Factors Influencing Property Tax Calculation

From the type of property you own to the property's location to the property's age, numerous factors influence the calculation of your property tax. In this section, we will discuss such factors.

Type of Property

The amount of property tax you owe depends on the type of property you own – residential, commercial, or industrial – as well as its usage. Whether you occupy the property, rent it out, or leave it vacant, will also determine the tax rate and calculation. Different property types and usage scenarios come with varying tax rates and calculations.

Size and Space

Your tax liability is determined by your property's size and built-up area, with larger properties incurring higher taxes. Tax calculations often use square footage or square meterage.

Location of the Property

The location of your property within the BBMP jurisdiction also impacts the tax rate and other parameters, with prime areas having higher rates than less developed or suburban areas.

Age and Condition

If your property is old, you may be eligible for a discount on its valuation. On the other hand, if your property is new and well-maintained, you may have to pay higher taxes. BBMP regularly updates its valuation tables, considering construction quality, upkeep, and depreciation factors.

Revisions and Reassessments

Remember, BBMP revised property tax rates periodically. What you pay today could change in the future due to such revisions. Also, BBMP conducts reassessments to determine fair market value, which may result in revised tax amounts during the assessment period.

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Importance of Property Tax Compliance for Home Loan Eligibility

Complying with property tax is important because it may indirectly affect eligibility for a home loan in Bangalore. Most lending institutions don’t have property tax as a direct eligibility criterion. However, paying property tax on time may just play in your favor due to the following reasons:

  • Legal requirement: Compliance with property tax laws in India is mandatory. Non-compliance may lead to fines or legal actions by local authorities. Financial institutions require borrowers to follow all legal requirements pertaining to the mortgaged property.
  • Financial responsibility: Among other factors, lenders assess your creditworthiness and loan repayment ability. A history of paying property tax showcases responsible financial behavior, which can improve your chances of getting a new home loan approval.


Homeowners in Bangalore must follow BBMP property tax regulations to avoid penalties and legal issues. Proper compliance also indirectly affects home loan eligibility, reflecting financial responsibility and contributing to a smoother loan approval process. You must keep yourself updated about tax rates, payment methods, and calculation procedures.

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