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Everything You Need To Know About Depreciation Of Property

Jan 23, 2023
Everything You Need To Know About Depreciation Of Property

Although a property's location can have a considerable impact on the sale prices, other physical factors, such as the property's age, are crucial in determining the entire property value, which is crucial for both the buyer and the seller to achieve the best price. The value of real estate declines with time, just like that of everything else of value. Although the concrete building ages and loses value with time, the land retains its value. The value of a property may decrease over time for a variety of reasons, including bad weather, inadequate maintenance, stalled infrastructure projects, and a lack of acceptable surrounding facilities. In this article, we’ll understand how the building depreciation rate is calculated and the factors influencing it.

What Is The Depreciation Of Property?

The decline or dip in your property's selling price is known as depreciation on land and building. Even if the structure's value decreases with time, the value of the land appreciates over time. Therefore, only the structure built on the ground is taken into account when calculating the depreciation of property. When you purchase an apartment building, you are also purchasing the Floor Space Index (FSI) of the land on which the building is situated, and land is becoming more expensive.

When a buyer purchases an apartment building, he also purchases the FSI of the land on which the project is being constructed. Resale units demand the land's appreciation. This is also why they are sold for a higher price than they cost to purchase. Even in the case of an independent house, the land is valued at market rates; the structure, however, faces the building depreciation rate.

How To Calculate Depreciation Of Property?

Usually, the life of an independent house is 60 years. Depreciation is calculated by dividing the number of years since construction by the structure's overall useful life. The building's current price can be calculated by deducting the formula's values from the selling price of the building (not the entire property).

For instance, if a building is sold ten years after it was built, the selling price of the building will be determined using the formula:

Number of years after construction : Total age of the building
= 10 : 60
= 1:6

The construction's actual selling price is calculated based on its remaining useful life. Add this price to the land's market value now. The outcome indicates the structure's fair market value.

If the area is excessively attractive and in-demand and there is a lack of available land, this depreciation on building can become minimum. The obsolescence issue is another element that could affect the price of a home. This refers to aspects like electrical fixtures, plumbing, construction style, interior design, etc. that are no longer in use.

Factors That Impact Calculation Of Depreciation

Today, the allowed depreciation rate of a building is determined by the Income Tax Act. Numerous factors have an impact on the depreciation rate for buildings. Let's look at a few of them now.

1. Physical Obsolescence

Physical depreciation is the process by which some portions of the asset stop serving their intended purpose. This is mainly because the property is deteriorating with age. A house's deteriorating wall paint is an excellent example of physical obsolescence. Real estate loses value as a result of this form of depreciation. Physical deterioration can be reversed, though, if the owner only repaints.

2. Useful Life Of The Asset

The period of time that a business intends to employ an asset is referred to as the "useful life." One could assume that a newly constructed home is worth more than an older one. However, there are other instances when the years might add up, particularly if they are historical structures with well-preserved facilities, which can be viewed as an added plus when evaluating the property.

3. Location

Of course, the location of a home is a component to be taken into account when determining its price. The convenience of transportation and accessibility to the city's focal areas are advantages of living in a central location. However, because of the high population density and noise pollution, some people might view this as a disadvantage. Most likely, a peaceful neighbourhood inside the city, as opposed to just outside of it, will be in higher demand than one in the downtown or suburbs.


Depreciation on buildings is determined by the value of an asset and its useful life. Numerous factors, including location, use of the property, the surrounding neighbourhood, environment, and local amenities, and services, influence a property's pricing. In order to make the best long-term investment, a buyer must take these aspects of home valuation into account.

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