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Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA): All You Need to Know

Jan 04, 2024
Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA): All You Need to Know

The city of Ghaziabad is a haven of bustling opportunities. If you want to make this city your home, the Ghaziabad Development Authority Housing Schemes present an exceptional opportunity. With a mission to provide affordable housing solutions and create vibrant communities, the GDA offers real-estate options with modern amenities and accessible living spaces. Read on to find out more about the application process, documents required, and the eligibility to apply for this 'first come, first serve scheme.

Ghaziabad Development Authority

Instituted under Section 4 of the Urban Planning and Development Act 1973, the Ghaziabad Development Authority is a body responsible for the following:

  • Creating a blueprint for organized urban development.
  • Ensuring that the master plan is executed as planned.
  • Securing land for housing and sustainable urban growth projects.
  • Managing and monitoring construction efforts for housing and development.
  • Constructing essential social and physical infrastructure.

GDA Housing Scheme Eligibility

To qualify for the GDA Ghaziabad housing scheme, applicants must fulfill certain criteria while applying:

  • Must be a resident citizen of India.
  • The individual should be 18 years of age or older at the time of final submission of the application form.
  • Individuals who are registered in different GDA schemes and have been allocated properties can apply by meeting the registration fee requirement.

Documents Required for GDA Housing Scheme

Here is a list of the documents mandatory for getting started with the GDA housing scheme. Remember to keep both originals and copies of the document to save more time.

  • Aadhaar card;
  • Voter ID;
  • Proof of address;
  • Proof of residence;
  • Salary/income certificate.

Latest News about Ghaziabad Development Authority Plot Scheme 2024

The Ghaziabad Development Authority has given the go-ahead for the comprehensive Master Plan 2031, marking a significant leap towards united progress in Ghaziabad, Loni, and Muradnagar.

This collective approval of three individual plans successfully aligns the development vision for the entire district, ensuring smooth growth and eliminating obstacles. Of particular note is the inclusion of establishing two Special Development Areas (SDAs) and delineating seven influential zones along the critical 17 km stretch of the Namo Bharat corridor.

The upcoming implementation, set for January 2024, is a crucial milestone in the region's all-encompassing evolution. This decision, despite previous technical challenges, upholds a well-balanced approach.

How to Apply for the GDA Housing Scheme?

Register Online: Head to GDA's official website and navigate to either the "Properties for Sale" or "Schemes" section.

Online Registration: Click the "Apply Online" button for the scheme of your choice and fill out the required form.

Submit Documents: Gather all necessary documents, including proof of identity, income statements, and bank details, and upload them in the designated format.

Pay the Application Fee: Use the designated online payment methods to submit the required application fee.

Submit Your Application: Double-check and submit your application details using the online portal.

Track Your Application: Keep track of your application status by accessing your login details.

Attend the Draw (if applicable): If the allocation process includes a draw event, attend it as required.

Confirm Payment (if selected): If selected, ensure you make the necessary payment within the specified timeframe.


The Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) serves as a model example for progressive communities dedicated to improving the well-being of their people. Through their emphasis on top-notch housing, efficient infrastructure, and a sustainable future, the GDA sets a precedent for others to emulate. By prioritizing improving its residents' lives, the GDA stands out as a prime example of the power of collaborative effort towards a shared objective.

As you aspire to be a part of such a flourishing community, SMFG Grihashakti Home Loans is here to support your homeownership journey. With competitive interest rates, transparent processes, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer financial solutions that align with your dreams of owning a home.


What is the work of Ghaziabad Development Authority?

The GDA is responsible for planning, developing, and maintaining infrastructure in Ghaziabad, including:

How to know about the open housing scheme of GDA Ghaziabad?

You can refer to the official website, under the "Properties for Sale" or "Schemes" sections for more details:

Can I file an online complaint on the GDA website?

You can register a complaint at under the ‘Complaint’ section.

Is PMAY registration available on the GDA portal?

Yes, you can register for the PMAY on the official GDA portal.

What are the helpline numbers of GDA Ghaziabad?

You can reach out to GDA Ghaziabad using these numbers:

  • Landline - 0120-4418384
  • Mobile (for Whatsapp use only) - 09990988004
How do I check the status of my GDA property?

You can use the "e-Seva" section on the GDA website with your property ID.

What is property ID in GDA?

The property ID is a unique number assigned to each GDA property. It can be seen on property documents or receipts.

What are the registration charges in GDA for housing schemes?

The registration charges for different income groups are listed as follows:

  • LIG is INR 1,000,000,
  • HIG and MIG are INR 2,000,000, and
  • EWS is INR 25,000.
What is the benefit of GDA?

Opting for housing under the GDA offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Affordable housing;
  • Better accessibility;
  • Diverse property options to choose from (residential/commercial/industrial)

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