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HMDA Master Plan 2031 (Hyderabad)

Sep 21, 2023
HMDA Master Plan 2031 (Hyderabad)

The Telangana government initiated the Hyderabad Master Plan 2031, also known as the HMDA Master Plan 2031, with the goal of transforming Hyderabad into one of Asia's fastest-growing cities.

Officially effective since January 30th, 2013, this master plan envisions the systematic development of the city, accommodating an estimated population of 1.84 crore and a workforce of about 65 lakhs. This article tells you all you need to know about the HMDA Master Plan 2031.

Introduction To The HMDA Master Plan 2031

Under the plan, 5,965 sq. km of land are designated for various purposes based on the city's land-use policy. To achieve comprehensive development, the HMDA Master Plan 2031 includes Mandal-wise master plans for Hyderabad. The HMDA's jurisdiction spans 55 Mandals situated in 5 districts:

- Hyderabad - All 16 Mandals

- Medak (P) - 10 Mandals

- Rangareddy (P) - 22 Mandals

- Nalgonda (P) - 5 Mandals

- Mahaboobnagar (P) - 2 Mandals

The HMDA's jurisdiction also covers areas encompassing Sangareddy, Bhongiri Municipalities, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, and 849 villages. Each Mandal's master plan considers local conditions and needs while aligning with the overarching vision of the HMDA Master Plan 2031.

Area Under Hyderabad Master Plan 2031

The HMDA Master Plan, focusing on the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region, encompasses an area of approximately 5965 sq. km, comprising the following:

- An extended area of 5,018 sq km.

- Areas covered by the Outer Ring Road Growth Corridor.

- Areas previously under the HUDA area but outside the Outer Ring Road Growth Corridor.

- Portions falling under the Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (HADA) master plan outside the Outer Ring Road Growth Corridor.

- Areas covered by the master plan for Bhongir.

- Areas covered by the master plan for Sangareddy.

Permitted Land Development Types

The HMDA Master Plan 2031 proposes a radial-concentric structure of development, introducing new urban nodes and centers in all directions to facilitate balanced growth in the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region. A Peri-Urban Zone is established alongside the urban area, and a hierarchy of circulation networks is planned to address the population's present and future travel needs.

The plan permits various types of land development, subject to approval by the Metropolitan Commissioner. The permissible land development types include:

  • Land Pooling or Area Development Schemes
  • Group Housing Schemes
  • Layout Development Schemes
  • Township Development
  • Group Development Schemes
  • SEZ Development
  • Individual Plots, Plot Sub-divisions, or Amalgamation
  • Special Projects and Development Schemes under the HMDA Act of 2008
  • Area Requirements for Layout Development

Area Requirements For Layout Development

Hyderabad Master Plan 2031 sets specific area requirements for layout development:

- The minimum area for layout development is 4 hectares. Out of the total area, 10% must be reserved for open spaces dedicated to recreation and community purposes. This includes allocating up to 2.5% of the land for social infrastructure.

- In group housing schemes or group development schemes with sites measuring 4,000 sq. meters and above, 5% of the area should be allocated free of cost to the HMDA to provide master plan facilities. Alternatively, the developer can pay the authority 1.5 times the fundamental value of such land.

- At least 5% of the developable land must be designated for Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) housing facility, with a maximum plot size of 50 sq meters, and another 5% for Lower Income Group (LIG) housing facility, with a total plot size of 100 sq meters. The developer also has the option to develop only EWS plots instead of LIG housing.

- If it is not feasible to provide the minimum 5% EWS and 5% LIG plots within the site, the developer can develop the required number of plots under both categories on any land within a 5-km radius of the existing site, connected by a minimum BT road of 12 meters. Alternatively, the developer may provide equivalent land to the HMDA to develop EWS/LIG plots within a 5-km radius of the existing site.

- Residential enclaves or gated communities are permissible if a public road of 12-meter width is developed at the periphery for convenient accessibility to other sites and lands within the interior.

The Way Forward: Hyderabad Master Plan 2041

Looking ahead, the HMDA is actively working on a new master plan, the Hyderabad Master Plan 2041, to further develop the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region.

The Telangana government plans to collaborate with an international consultancy to formulate the Hyderabad Master Plan 2041. The new plan is anticipated to encompass an area of 7,200 square kilometers under the HMDA's purview, incorporating 84 villages that previously fell under GO 111 and catchment areas near Himayat Sagar and Osmansagar reservoirs.


Such government plans make administration and legal procedures better and more efficient for buyers of land and residents.

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