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Top Home Renovation Ideas To Light Up Home This Diwali

Oct 14, 2022
Top Home Renovation Ideas To Light Up Home This Diwali

Diwali is just around the corner, and the time is almost here to decorate our houses with colorful rangolis and beautiful diyas. Since it is an auspicious time leading us towards new beginnings, it is a great idea to jazz up your house with some renovation plans. Have you been on the Internet all this while looking up bright new home renovation ideas this Diwali? Your search ends right here.

Everyone is gearing up for the most significant Hindu festival, so are you to spend, eat, and spruce up your space. Let’s welcome Diwali with a bang, and to help you out, here are some of the renovation ideas you can consider.

Top 10 Home Renovation Ideas For Diwali

To accelerate your Diwali preparation, we have prepared a list of home renovation ideas this Diwali to amplify your celebrations in Diwali.

1. Start With Cleaning

Everything automatically falls back in place when you start cleaning your house from the initial phase. Deep cleaning of the home during Diwali is a practice endured by many.

Start with cleaning every closed corner of the house. Make sure to wash every tile until they are completely clean. Move on to cleaning the furniture until it sparkles. Finally, don’t forget to rub your appliances until they mirror your reflection. Rooted cleaning of the house brings more positivity and wipes off all the negativity. Like many other families, you may hire home cleaning agencies if you do not wish to do it yourself.

2. Amplify The Puja Room

The Puja Room is the most important one out of all during Diwali. It is justified to allocate more time, money, and energy to the Puja Room since all the religious activities will happen over there.

You can amplify the look of your puja room by remodeling the space completely. Replace the old look with radiating glass work. Add some bright lights in different shades to arrange the colors. Additionally, clean up all the silverware. You may even consider buying new glossy silverware or idols during Dhanteras, as it is considered auspicious. To enhance the look, add a carpet that will give a personalized look to the sitting area. For elders, you can add cushions on the back of the sitting space to support them while seated.

3. Paint The House

The festive vibe needs to sink in, which can be implemented by painting your home. Go for bright colors like red, orange, or yellow that align with Diwali. Alternatively, you can also opt for vibrant colors like bright green and light blue. Colors are an excellent way to add cheerfulness to your house.

Moreover, painting the house during Diwali adds a breath of fresh air. Festivals are the best time to add themes and structure. A sophisticated and luxurious look during Diwali is also an excellent idea to add a touch of newness.

4. Go For Bright Lights

Diwali is all about lights. The more you add lights, the better it gets. Lamps are the best way to get started. Have high-ceilings? Add a chandelier. If you can’t add a chandelier, go for wall scones or decorative pendant lights that will beautify the interiors of the house.

5. Opt For A Quick Makeover

Sometimes, simple upgrades can do wonders. Start simply with replacing the carpet and curtains with new ones. Add new rugs with exotic colors and arrange them in the living and drawing space. Replace the existing doormats with brand-new ones with explosive designs and patterns.


Diwali is all about lights, colors, and crackers. It is one of the leading festivals in India, and that is all the more reason why people look for home renovation ideas in India during the festival. Everyone loves to go over and beyond. Change your furniture and renovate them entirely.

Planning to revamp your space but don’t have the budget? Well, now it is possible. With a home renovation loan from Grihashakti you can carry out your Diwali renovation plans conveniently. Finance your home renovation as per your desires at attractive interest rates and repay with easy EMIs that fit your budget.

Diwali is almost here, and you don’t want to be late with all the decorations, do you?

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