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How To Remove A Co-Applicant’s Name From Your Home Loan?

Nov 20, 2023
How To Remove A Co-Applicant’s Name From Your Home Loan?

For many, owning a home represents the achievement of long-held goals and financial stability, making it a momentous occasion in life.

On the other hand, some people's route to homeownership entails having a home loan co-applicant—a friend, partner, or relative.

Removing a co-applicant's name from a house loan is a big financial and personal choice that can have benefits and drawbacks. It's a process that requires careful planning, thorough understanding, and a keen awareness of the financial implications involved.

It is crucial to comprehend this process, whether you are starting down this route because of a shift in your financial circumstances, a desire for financial independence, or a change in your relationships.

What is a Co-Applicant in Home Loan?

A co-applicant in home loan is a person who applies for a house loan with the primary borrower, usually in order to increase their eligibility for the loan.

Co-applicants are accountable for the loan's repayment jointly and share its financial burden. A spouse, a relative, or anybody else with a stake in the property could be among them. The combined financial profiles of co-applicants—including income and credit scores—are taken into account when approving loans, which could increase the likelihood of approval and favorable terms.

Can a Co-Applicant be Removed from a Home Loan?

Removing a co-applicant from a house loan is possible but usually requires formal procedures. To make it simpler, here is how to remove a co-applicant from a home loan.

The primary borrower must sell the property or refinance the loan in their own name in order to remove a co-applicant. This frequently calls for fulfilling certain financial requirements and getting the lender's approval.

Refinancing relieves the co-applicant of their obligations and enables the principal borrower to assume full responsibility for the mortgage. It's important to speak with the lender because the procedure can change based on the lender's rules and the conditions of the initial loan arrangement.

Steps to Remove Co-applicant from Home Loan

Here are the important steps to remove a co-applicant from a house loan:

  1. To begin with, go over the original loan agreement and speak with the lender to learn about their particular policies and processes regarding the removal of co-applicants.
  2. Usually, in order to refinance into a new loan in their name alone, the primary borrower must be eligible. This could entail determining their income, creditworthiness, and ability to satisfy the requirements of the lender.
  3. The principal borrower can pay off the current mortgage after being authorized for the new loan, relieving the co-applicant of their financial commitments.

Contact Your Lender And Request A Novation

Asking the lender for a novation is one way. Novation is a legal procedure wherein one party in a contract is replaced with another; in this instance, the co-applicant is replaced with either the primary applicant or another individual. This means that there will be the lender’s name in the home loan agreement. Make sure that novations are permitted under your loan agreement before submitting a request for one. Certain loan arrangements can prohibit novation or call for the approval of all parties.

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Give The Lender Proof To Show Why You Want To Remove The Co-Applicant’s Name

It is imperative that you give the lender a strong, documented case for why you wish to have the co-applicants name removed from the home loan.

Changes in your financial situation, your ability to make payments on your own, and any other significant considerations that make the removal necessary should all be included in your explanation.

It's critical to provide documentation to back up your claims, such as current wage stubs, credit reports, and a stable repayment history. You can improve your chances of getting the lender to approve the withdrawal of the co-applicant by making a compelling case to them.

Furnish Proof Of Your Individual Income Demonstrate Your Sole Repayment Capacity

In order to effectively have a co-applicant removed from your home loan, you will need to provide evidence of your individual income and your capacity to make repayments on your own.

Give the lender up-to-date proof of income, such as tax returns, pay stubs, or other accounts that demonstrate your sound financial standing. This proof demonstrates your ability to pay your mortgage on your own. For the removal to be approved, lenders usually demand that the primary borrower fulfill certain income requirements.

Refinance The Balance Loan Amount

Homeowners can move their current mortgage from one lender to another via a home loan balance transfer, also referred to as a home loan refinancing.

Securing lower interest rates, lowering monthly payments, or changing the loan tenure are the main driving forces. Throughout the course of the loan, this financial approach may save a substantial amount of money and have extra advantages, like top-up loans.

However, to successfully complete a house loan balance transfer, it's imperative to take into account expenses, eligibility restrictions, documentation requirements, and maintaining a decent credit score.


To sum up, eliminating a co-applicant from a house loan is a big financial choice that needs to be planned carefully, communicated well, and worked out with your lender. Even though the procedure might seem difficult, with the correct strategy, it is completely achievable.

Making the process a bit simpler, SMFG Grihashakti Home Loans come with minimal documentation and online application process. Our aim is to provide you with a convenient experience and focus on making your process as stress-free as possible. Why worry with the rigorous procedure of removing a co-applicant when you have SMFG Grihashakti’s customer service ready at your doorstep? Apply now!


How do I change my co-applicant name on my Home Loan?

In order to modify the co-applicant's name on a house loan, get in touch with your lender and start the official procedure. This typically entails filing a request and following their particular guidelines and specifications.

Is it necessary to have a co-applicant in Home Loan?

While it's not required, having a co-applicant for a home loan can help you get approved more easily because of shared financial responsibility and enhanced eligibility.

How do I become a co-owner of a Home Loan?

In most cases, co-ownership of a home loan requires a cooperative application with the primary borrower, fulfillment of lender requirements, and adherence to property ownership laws.

How do I find out if a co-applicant is on a Home Loan?

Examine the loan agreement or contact the lender to clarify the details of the loan in order to ascertain whether a co-applicant is connected to a home loan.

What are the benefits of adding a co-applicant in Home Loan?

Adding a co-applicant to your home loan application can have a number of benefits, including enhanced eligibility, possibly better terms, and a shared financial responsibility.

Is a co-applicant in Home Loan an owner of the property?

It's important to understand that co-applicants for house loans do not always become the property's owners. Legal title and property agreements determine who owns the property, and co-applicants just share financial commitments and loan repayment responsibilities.

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