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PMC Property Tax 2024: How to Pay Pune Property Tax Bill Online & Offline?

Dec 12, 2023
PMC Property Tax 2024: How to Pay Pune Property Tax Bill Online & Offline?

An Overview of Property Tax in Pune

By providing a digital platform, the Pune Municipal Corporation has streamlined the payment of property taxes. The revenue system has significantly transformed thanks to the Government of Maharashtra’s initiatives. Today, anyone can pay the PMC property tax hassle-free with multiple online payment options. This has led to a remarkable surge in tax collection, bolstering state revenue.

This guide will help you understand the nitty-gritty of property tax calculations, the payment process, and the latest updates in Pune.

PMC Property Tax : How to Pay Property Tax Online in Pune?

The process of paying the Pune Municipal Corporation Property Tax involves the following steps:

  • Begin by visiting the official portal of PMCProperty Tax.
  • Select your preferred payment method.
  • Provide details, including account number, Peth ID, Section ID, property type, etc., in the new window.
  • Your property details and pending tax dues will be displayed on the screen. Continue with entering the remaining details.
  • Based on your chosen payment method, you will be directed to a payment gateway. Fill in your banking details as required while ensuring their accuracy to avoid transaction errors.

How to Pay Property Tax Offline in Pune?

You can also make Pune Corporation tax by visiting any of the offices mentioned below as an alternative to the online mode. Do remember to carry your cheque, demand draft, or cash safely on the way.

  • Self-pay kiosks for tax payments.
  • Facilitation centers for citizens.
  • Sanctioned branches of ICICI Bank, Cosmos Bank, HDFC, or Bank of Maharashtra.
  • Pune Municipal Corporation ward office.

How to Calculate Pune Property Tax?

The PMC online portal offers an online tax calculator to determine the exact amount of tax to be levied on a particular property. Estates, including commercial, residential, and lands, are covered under the Pune Municipal Corporation.

Factors such as location, type of property, carpet area, property utility, total plinth area, and year of construction are essential for arriving at a set taxable value.

To calculate the PMC Pune Property tax, the formula typically employed is:

Property Tax= Capital Value * Tax Rate

Where capital value is computed using the formula -

Capital value = Base value X Built-up area X Use category X type of building X age factor X Floor factor

Pune Property Tax: Exemptions, Rebates, Concessions

The Pune Municipal Corporation also offers certain exemptions under the following circumstances:

  • Religious institutions and charitable organizations are exempt from paying property taxes.
  • Specific groups, such as freedom fighters, their families, ex-servicemen, and women, can benefit from a 50 percent reduction in property taxes by the PMC.
  • Furthermore, individuals with a disability exceeding 40 percent who own residential properties can also receive a 40 percent rebate on their property taxes.
  • In Pune Corporation tax payment cases online, an applicant can avail of a concession of 2%.
  • As an added incentive for residential and non-resident property owners, the PMC offers a 10% discount on annual values up to INR 25,000. For values beyond this amount, an additional 5% rebate is given.
  • For residential properties that have implemented eco-friendly practices such as solar panels, vermiculture, or rainwater harvesting, there is an additional 5% discount for one of these features and an impressive 10% discount for two.

Pune Property Tax: Last Date

To avoid penalties, property owners must settle their taxes for the April-September period by May 31 and for the October-December period by December 31.

Any delay in payment will result in a monthly penalty of 2%, starting on July 1 for the first half of the year and on January 1 for the second half. Be sure to adhere to these deadlines to maintain compliance and avoid additional fees.

Pune Property Tax: Latest Updates

Pune Property Tax News - August 2023:

On July 31, 2023, the discounted property tax payment deadline for PMC ended. However, due to technical difficulties, online payments were not possible. In response, the PMC took proactive measures by extending the rebate period until August 2, 2023. This decision showcases the PMC's commitment to facilitating timely payments and removing obstacles for property owners to fulfill their obligations easily.

How to Get Pune Property Tax Receipt?

The PMC official portal maintains a record of all its account holders' previous and current tax receipts. You can visit the portal, enter your account number and section ID, and generate receipts as required.

How to Update Property Details PMC Contact Details for Property Tax in Pune?

To update details on the property or personal information (online or offline), you can follow these steps:

  • Submit a formal request to the PMC with necessary documentation, including property deeds, construction blueprints, and occupancy certificates.
  • You can complete this request digitally via the PMC website or at designated PMC offices.
  • Your property information will be thoroughly evaluated, and the appropriate tax will be assessed based on the updated data provided by the PMC.

PMC Property Tax : How to get a No-Dues Certificate?

To get a No-Dues Certificate via the Pune Municipal Corporation website, follow this approach:

  • Go to the 'Get NOC' option from the PMC tax portal.
  • Insert your contact details in their respective fields and press 'Get OTP.'
  • After submission of the OPT, the 'No Dues Certification' will be sent to your device.


Utilizing online payment options and understanding property tax details in Pune, has made paying property taxes more straightforward and convenient. By staying informed on these critical elements, property owners can smoothly fulfill their tax obligations and actively contribute to the city's development. Consider integrating SMFG Grihashakti's home loan solutions into your financial strategy, providing you with the means to invest in your property and contribute further to Pune's progress.


What happens if I don't pay my property tax in Pune?

If you don't pay your property tax in Pune, you may be levied a penalty of 2% per month on the outstanding amount. Additionally, this may invite legal action against you to recover the outstanding amount.

How can I obtain my Pune property tax bill after making an offline payment?

After making an offline payment, you can visit the PMC website or any of the PMC's ward offices to obtain your Pune property tax receipt. You must provide your payment receipt number and property tax account number.

What is the last date for property tax in Pune?

To avoid penalties, property owners must settle their taxes for the April-September period by May 31 and for the October-December period by December 31.

How can I get a property tax number in Pune?

To get a property tax number in Pune, apply to the PMC offline or online. For online applications, you can visit the official PMC tax portal. Similarly, offline applications can be submitted at any PMC ward office.

How to Check PMC Property Tax Bill Online?

Steps to check for your property tax bill:

  • Visit the PMC website:
  • Select the "Property Tax" tab.
  • Go to "PMC Property Tax Bill."
  • Provide details, such as your property tax account number.
  • Click on the "Submit" button.
  • Your property tax bill will be displayed on the screen.
  • Download or print your property tax bill for your reference.

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