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Property Card in Mumbai: Importance, How to Check and Apply

Dec 12, 2023
Property Card in Mumbai: Importance, How to Check and Apply

The Property Card - Mumbai is a vital document detailing essential information about the city's land or real estate properties.

Essentially, the PR card - Mumbai includes comprehensive data crucial for property transactions, legal verifications, and taxation purposes. This document holds significance as it streamlines property-related processes, verifies ownership and ensures transparency in property dealings within the city.

This article gives you a deeper insight into a property card, how to apply for it, the documents required, etc., to simplify your work.

What is Property Card Mumbai?

Property cards are legal documents containing essential information about a property or land. These cards typically provide details such as the property's size, shape, location, ownership details, tax assessments, and records of property-related transactions.

Owning a property card in Mumbai is an essential document for property owners, as it can be a helpful aid in transactions, legal matters, taxation, and verification of ownership. These cards are often maintained and issued by the Government of Maharashtra or municipal bodies to ensure accurate property ownership records.

What Details Are Included in a Property Card?

When it comes to property card details, here is what you can expect to find in it:

  • Classification of land type (agricultural or residential).
  • A complete history of taxes associated with the land plot, including information about paid and outstanding taxes.
  • Complete plot area and plot number.
  • Details of land ownership.
  • Survey information, area, etc., of the property.
  • Details about encroachment (if any).
  • Current or previous litigation record.
  • Information about cultivation type (for agricultural lands).

Importance of Having a Property Card in Mumbai

The importance of having a property card in Mumbai can never be underestimated.

Importance Impact
Facilitates Seamless Property Transactions The property card is a crucial document when buying or selling property.
Resolving Ownership Disputes Property card provides essential ownership details in land-related litigations.
Protection Against Unlawful Seizure Acts as a safeguard against unauthorized land seizures.
Streamlines Real Estate Processes Simplifies complex real estate procedures.
Access to Transaction History Helps access past property-related transactions.
Prevention of Fraud and Misuse Reduces the risks of forgery and wrongful land possession.
Authentication in Legal Claims Verifies property ownership claims in legal proceedings.

Required Documents for Property Card in Mumbai

Gathering all relevant documents before applying is a huge time-saver and saves you from any last-minute stress. The necessary paperwork for a property card includes the following:

  • Income Tax Declaration Form No. 637 (Application Form)
  • Letter of reference or recommendation from a neighbor.
  • Mumbai residence proof (government-issued ID card with address).
  • Full name, address, and proof of age (e.g., school leaving certificate).
  • PAN (Permanent Account Number).
  • Voter's Card.
  • Passport-sized pictures of the applicant(s).
  • Birth Certificate. (If you are married, you and your partner must submit your respective birth certificates. Please make sure to include both certificates when submitting your documents).
  • Mumbai residence and income proof (e.g., bank statements, utility bills, etc.).
  • Documents pertaining to land or property (e.g., title deeds).
  • Certificate from a chartered accountant or surveyor to indicate no defaults in property tax payments under Indian laws.

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How to Apply for a Property Card in Mumbai?

To apply for an online  property card in the Mumbai suburban region, you need to follow some simple steps as listed below:

  • Visit the AapleSarkar portal and go to the ‘land record sub-department.’
  • Select 'issuing a certified copy of property card' from the menu.
  • Add details such as name, Aadhar card number, address, pin code, and contact.
  • Include property details such as the taluka, village, and district (where the property is located), the city survey office's name, city survey number, and plot details, along with copies of the property card in Mumbai.
  • Also, provide the map, office order date,  and mutation number.
  • Save the application number allotted to you after completing the steps above.
  • Additionally, if you have taken a land loan, you may require a letter from your employer to verify it.
  • Finally, before making the payment, verifying all the details for accuracy and completeness is advisable.

Apply for a Property Card Offline

When applying online is not possible, you can always apply for a property card offline using the following steps:

  • Go to the closest Directorate of Town and Country Planning office.
  • Avail an application form directly from the office.
  • Fill in all requisite data accurately.
  • Hand over the completed form and the necessary documents to the concerned officials.
  • After completing internal procedures, you can expect an SMS alert updating your card status.
  • You can retrieve your property card from the Country Planning Office in 2-3 weeks.

How to Check the Status Of the Property Card Application?

To get a deeper insight into “how to check the status of the application?” you can start reviewing it once every week:

  • Log into the official portal - Maharashtra Bhumi Anilekh or Mahabhulekhi. Provide your details and get access to your property card updates.
  • Reach out to the concerned authority /person overseeing your application process.
  • Research on other websites dealing in property cards.
  • Alternatively, you can contact the Collector’s office if you are not in Mumbai or Maharashtra.


In conclusion, the Property Card in Mumbai is an indispensable document for property owners, offering a comprehensive overview of details related to land and real estate properties. For those seeking to maximize the potential of their property investments, exploring SMFG Grihashakti's home loan solutions is a prudent step. Providing numerous benefits such as flexible repayment terms, attractive interest rates, higher loan amounts, a 100% online application process, and more, we assist you in aligning your financial strategy with the efficiency and security offered by the Property Card and ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience in Mumbai's real estate landscape. Apply now!


How can I get a property card in Mumbai?

To obtain a property card in Mumbai, you can apply online through the Mahabhumi portal or visit the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) office. You may be asked to provide details of your property, ownership information, and other documents if needed.

Is a property card compulsory in Maharashtra?

Yes, having a property card is mandatory for all properties in Maharashtra, be they residential or agricultural. This card acts as legal proof of ownership and authenticity of the property for smooth property transactions, tax payments, and availing of government benefits.

What is the difference between 7-12 extract and property card?

The 7/12 extract and property card both offer valuable insight into a property. From details on ownership and financial obligations to information on crop area, the 7/12 extract provides a comprehensive overview of the legal standing of agricultural land. In contrast, the property card, which obtains its data from urban land records, focuses on urban properties and includes crucial information such as ownership, survey, and plot numbers.

How do I change my name on my property card in Mumbai?

To change your name on a property card in Mumbai, you can access the Property Card Information System, visit the District Collector Office, or visit Refer to the Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh for property card details. After accessing your account, update your new name with supporting documents online.

What is the difference between extract and property cards?

An extract is more like a snippet, where a document contains specific information extracted from a larger document. Conversely, a property card is a document that provides an extensive overview of a property.

Can we download property cards online in Maharashtra?

You can easily download the property card after filling in the requisite property details on the Mahabhumi portal.

Is an Aadhaar card mandatory for property registration in Maharashtra?

Yes, an Aadhar card is compulsory for registering property in Maharashtra.

How can I get a property number in Mumbai?

To get a property card in Mumbai, you can apply online on the Mahabhumi portal at, go to the ‘Property Card Apply Online’ section, and follow the instructions there. Alternatively, you can even visit the MCGM office in Mumbai. Do remember to carry all essential documents.

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