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Stamp Duty and Property Registration Charges in Mumbai

Jan 23, 2023
Stamp Duty and Property Registration Charges in Mumbai

Purchasing a home is an exciting milestone, both financially and emotionally. The process of buying a home involves several steps, such as making down payments, applying for loans, and signing sales agreements. Once you have taken ownership of your house, it is essential to get it registered in your name. One of the costs associated with property registration is stamp duty. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of what stamp duty is, how to register your property and understand the stamp duty in Mumbai, including how to calculate it, the factors that affect it, and the associated costs. By understanding these details, you will be better equipped to navigate the process of registering your new home and budget accordingly.

What Is the Stamp Duty In Mumbai?

All real estate transactions in Maharashtra are subject to stamp duty. The Maharashtra Stamp Duty Act governs the collection of stamp duty and registration charges in Mumbai.

The Government of Maharashtra has lowered the stamp duty to 2-3% of the property value in an effort to make home ownership easier and support the real estate industry during the economic crisis brought on by the Coronavirus outbreak. In Maharashtra, the stamp duty has been reintroduced as of April 2022.

Current Stamp Duty And Registration Charges In Mumbai

Plots and flats receive distinct tax treatment. The monthly loan repayment helps you to avoid paying taxes when you take out a home loan to purchase a flat or builder's floor.

The following are the current stamp duty and registration charges in Mumbai:

1. Within the municipal limits of any urban area:

  • Stamp duty rates in Mumbai for men - 6% of the market value of property
  • Stamp duty rates in Mumbai for women - 5% of the market value of property
  • Registration charges in Mumbai - 1%

2. Within the limits of any municipal council/ panchayat/ cantonment of any area within MMRDA:

  • Stamp duty rates in Mumbai for men - 4% of the market value of property
  • Stamp duty rates in Mumbai for women - 3% of the market value of property
  • Registration charges in Mumbai - 1%

3. Within the limits of any Gram Panchayat:

  • Stamp duty rates in Mumbai for men - 3% of the market value of property
  • Stamp duty rates in Mumbai for women - 2% of the market value of property
  • Registration charges in Mumbai - 1%

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How To Calculate Stamp Duty in Mumbai?

The ready reckoner rates and the value of the property are used to determine stamp duty. The lowest price below which you cannot buy a property is the ready reckoner rate. Stamp duty is often assessed on either a higher ready reckoner rate or the value of the property.

For instance:

Within Mumbai's municipal boundaries, Mr. X purchases a property measuring 1,000 sq. ft. The area's RR rate is INR 5,000 per sq. ft. The formula for calculating stamp duty is as follows:

  • Property worth INR 50 lakh according to the RR Rate.
  • 6% for stamp duty.
  • Payable stamp duty is 6% of INR 50 lakh, or INR 3 lakh.
  • Fees for registration: 1% of INR 50 lakh = INR 50,000.

Total stamp duty and registration charges = INR 3.5 lakh

How To Use A Stamp Duty Calculator

You can use stamp duty calculators to determine the precise amount of money you will need to pay as stamp duty when registering a property. A proportion of the total property value determines the precise stamp duty amount.

Use this stamp duty calculator by performing the following steps:

  • Go to the stamp duty calculator's website. Choose an option such as "Sales Deed" or "Agreement to Sale" depending on your needs. Choose between the municipal corporation and the Gram Panchayat.
  • Select the municipal corporate area of which you are a member, such as Mumbai Municipal Corporation.
  • To determine the required stamp duty in that region, enter the market value and property value into the appropriate fields.

What Are the Factors That Affect Stamp Duty In Mumbai?

Following are the factors that affect stamp duty calculation in Mumbai:

1. Type of property: The various land registration stamp duty rates depend on the type of the property, such as whether it is a flat/apartment or an independent house. Charges for a flat or apartment are higher than for an independent home.

2. Location: The location of the property is crucial in determining the stamp duty rates. The stamp duty fees will be more expensive if the property is situated in an urban region compared to a suburban or rural one.

3. Owner’s age and gender: Senior citizens frequently pay far less than owners of other age groups. Furthermore, if the property is owned by a woman, many governments provide discounted rates. Women are given the benefit of paying less in stamp duty and land tax than men.

4. Vintage: The total worth of the property is used to determine the stamp duty fee. Older properties incur lower stamp duty fees since they are less expensive than modern properties.


The stamp duty is an important aspect of the property that the buyer must know about. The stamp duty is a state tax, and therefore the duty amount differs from state to state. Consider every aspect of the decision to buy a house in great detail. When determining the price of your home or how much you will need to borrow as a home loan, you should also include the cost of stamp duty and registration fees in Mumbai.

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