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Thane Municipal Corporation(TMC) Property Tax

Sep 21, 2023
Thane Municipal Corporation(TMC) Property Tax

As an Indian citizen, taxes are a huge part of our national duty. The government charges taxes on real estate and property for a number of reasons - mainly, it is this money that helps the municipality corporation implement urban development. Property tax is a tax levied on the residential or commercial properties of the city. The property tax calculation and payment method may vary from one city to another. In this article, you will learn about the property tax of Thane Municipal Corporation and the online payment of the TMC property tax bill in detail.

Latest News On Thane Municipal Corporation Property Tax

The Municipal Corporation has collected INR 200 crore from property tax collection in just 66 days. This record-breaking feat was achieved in the first quarter of 2023-24. In the previous fiscal year of 2022-23, Thane city property tax amounted to INR 720 crore for the first time. This year, the TMC is targeting a property tax of INR 900 crore.

Factors Affecting Property Tax Thane

Property tax is not the same for everyone but rather depends on various factors, such as:-

  • Market Value- The government decoded the market value of the place using data estimation and records.
  • Location- The property tax in a posh area is comparatively higher than in other areas.
  • Area- Bigger properties command higher taxes.
  • Type of building- Taxes are levied according to the property's intended use. Different tax rates are set for residential, commercial, and institutional properties.
  • Age of property- The tax rate is higher for newly built properties and lower for older properties.

TMC Property Tax Calculation

Property tax is calculated considering all factors, such as location and size. The calculation of the property tax is done using a predetermined formula.

Property tax = Tax Rate*Total carpet area/available area of land* usage factor*age factor* floor factor*type of property

You can also calculate the Thane Municipal Corporation online through the official website of the TMC.

How To Pay Thane Property Tax Online?

The municipal corporation has made it easier to pay property taxes for many people by introducing online services. Now people can go to the website and pay their dues. Here are the steps to pay the property tax thane online:-

Step 1: Go to the website , search for your property, and select it.

Step 2: Fill in the required details and register with the Tamil Nadu Municipality Corporation.

Step 3: Check out the property tax dues.

Step 4: Many different payment options, such as Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, or UPI, will be visible.

Step 5: Make the payment and download the generated receipt.

How To Pay The Property Tax Offline in Thane?

Many people find it convenient to pay taxes offline. That is why the Thane Municipal Corporation has also provided the citizens with offline property tax payment options.

Step 1: You need to visit the TMC branch office.

Step 2: Submit the property information, such as name, property ID, and address, at the tax payment counter.

Step 3: Make the payment using your preferred mode of payment.

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Exemptions And Deductions Provided On The Payment Of Property Tax

The municipal corporation provides certain deductions to property owners conditional upon early tax payments. The exact amount differs from city to city. The TMC offers a 2-3% deduction on property tax if you pay the tax before the due date.

The TMC also provides tax exemptions, which are conditional on many factors. According to the latest resolution passed by the TMC, homes up to 500 sq feet are exempted from paying taxes. The TMC has granted a property tax remission of 31% for such flags within the TMC boundaries.

Also, there are special tax discounts for people who fall into one of the following categories:

  • Female property owners
  • Senior citizen property owner
  • Specially abled property owners
  • Army or Navy veteran property owners
  • Agricultural institutions
  • Educational institutions


Taxation must be taken seriously by all. Once you purchase a property, you can look up how much tax you need to pay at regular intervals so that you can remain at peace with respect to legal matters. Don’t hold back from buying your dream plot or house!

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Is property tax exempted in Thane?

Certain exemptions on property tax are conditional on many factors. Homes up to 500 sq feet are exempted from paying taxes.

When is the last date for Thane's property tax payment?

September 30th is the last date for Thane's property tax payment.

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