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Uttar Pradesh Land Records Online

Nov 20, 2023
Uttar Pradesh Land Records Online

In 2023, there has been a dramatic change in Uttar Pradesh's land records digitization, which represents a major advancement in effective governance. The most populous state in India, Uttar Pradesh, has embraced technology to improve the efficiency of its land administration system. The effort to digitize land records in Uttar Pradesh and make them available online has completely changed how people can access and manage land-related data.

Land records can now be easily accessed, verified, and updated by government officials, farmers, and landowners thanks to the UP land records online, which has greatly reduced bureaucratic barriers. This technological advance signals a new era in the state's land governance by offering transparency, accuracy, and ease of access.

What is an Up Bhulekh?

In a major move toward the state's digitization of land records, the Uttar Pradesh Revenue Board launched the IUP BhuLekh portal. This project sought to improve transparency by providing access to vital land ownership data, such as "Khatauni" (Records of Rights).

The main goal of the Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh portal is to make it unnecessary to frequently visit Tehsildars or Patwaris in order to verify land records. This web-based platform contains an extensive database that includes khata details, land parcel identifiers known as Khasra numbers, and an inventory of a family's holdings in a village known as Khatauni.

Latest Update on UP Land Records

The Uttar Pradesh government has brought back the well-liked property transfer program, known as the Bhulekh UP transfer scheme, at a relatively low cost, which is a positive development. Residents can transfer their property under this scheme, for a nominal fee of INR 5,000, into the names of their blood relatives.

In addition, there will be an extra INR 1,000 processing fee. Prior to the implementation of the program, there was a 7% stamp duty based on the property value associated with transferring property to a blood relative.

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Features of UP Bhulekh Online Portal

Major features of the UP Bhulekh online portal are:-

Simple Navigation: Users may quickly and easily verify the necessary information on the Bhulekh UP portal with the help of its simple navigation options.

Categorization: Using a variety of searchable sections, the Bhulekh UP online portal arranges the information supplied according to user preferences.

User Guides: These guides make it easy for visitors to understand the procedures to follow in order to obtain the necessary information.

Internet Services: The Bhulekh UP portal (up bhulekh gov in) offers a number of online services, including the ability to register complaints, use Stamp & Registry, access e-districts, and more.

Benefits of UP Bhulekh Online Portal

The benefits of UP Bhulekh Online Portal are that citizens can view land-related data, maps, and other related information on a single platform by visiting the Bhulekh UP online portal ( They have 24/7 access to the Bhulekh UP portal and are not required to visit any government offices.

The citizens only need to enter their Khasra or Gata number on the portal in order to view information about the land or who owns it. The portal's online data helps the state ensure greater transparency and combat crimes like land grabbing, illegal possession of land, etc. by assisting law enforcement.

How to Check Status of Sale of Bhukhand/Gata in Uttar Pradesh?

To check the status of a sale on the UP land records portal, follow the steps listed:

Step 1: Visit the Uttar Pradesh government's official land records website at 

Step 2: Click "Bhukhand/Gaate ke Vikray ki Stithi Jaane" on the homepage.

Step 3: You will be taken to a new window as soon as you click on this option.

Step 4: Select the relevant information, including the village, tehsil, and district, on this page.

Step 5: The details of the "Enemy Property" will appear on the screen as soon as you select the details.

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How to check khasra numbers in UP Bhulekh?

Visit the official portal, choose the "View" option, and enter the necessary information (district, tehsil, and village) to access land records, which include Khasra numbers.

How to check UP bhulekh?

Visit the official portal and choose the "View" option to access UP Bhulekh. To access land-related documents and information, enter specifics like village, tehsil, and district.

How can I check my land registry online in UP Bhulekh?

Visit the UP Bhulekh portal, fill out the necessary property information, and choose the option to view land records, including registry information, to check your land registry online.

What are the contact details of the UP Bhulekh helpline number?

For assistance with land records and related questions, call the UP Bhulekh helpline: +91-522-2217145 , +91-7080100588

How can I check the unique code of a property in a village in UP ?

Visit the Bhulekh portal, enter the property details, and access land records to find the unique code linked to the property in order to find out the unique code of a property in a village in Uttar Pradesh.

Can I find out if a land is disputed or not on UP Bhulekh website?

Although land records are provided by UP Bhulekh, they might not specifically mention land disputes. Get in touch with your local revenue office or legal authorities for information on disputes.

Can the quotation number given on the certified copy be verified on UP Bhulekh Portal?

There's no way to verify the quotation number using a certified copy on the UP Bhulekh portal. For confirmation, get in touch with the appropriate authority.

How to Linking Aadhaar Number with Uttar Pradesh Land Records?

Visit the official portal and adhere to the guidelines provided under the Aadhaar linking section for property registration in order to link your Aadhaar number with Uttar Pradesh land records.

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