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Vastu Shastra Tips for a New Home

Jan 23, 2023
Vastu Shastra Tips for a New Home

Vastu Shastra for home is a time-tested science that has been used for more than five centuries to create optimal living spaces. By understanding the principles of Vastu and incorporating them into your home, you can promote health, vitality, and overall well-being for yourself and your family.

When building a new home or considering purchasing a property, it is important to keep in mind the fundamental principles of Vastu. This includes understanding the concepts of the plan, design, ground measurements, spatial organization, and structural geometry. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your home is filled with positive energy and promotes long-term peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Vastu Shastra Tips For New Home Directions

Since independent houses can be created from scratch, adhering to basic vastu for the home is considerably simpler. Let's look at some useful vastu for home advice.

1. Direction Of House

According to Vastu for homes, the home's main door serves as both a family entryway and a source of energy and vibrations. To ensure a smooth and beneficial entry into your home, make sure the entrance-way is aligned with the stars and planets. It is also said that your house must face such a direction that welcomes the Goddess Lakshmi, that of wealth.

Your home's main entrance should be situated so that when you step outside, you face north, east, or northeast.

2. Living Room

The first thing guests notice about your house is your living room. Since there is the most movement and activity here, it should constantly be kept clear of clutter. Such a belief is put into place because your living room must not repel any new, positive entrance like money, opportunities, or love into your home.

Your new home's living room or entryway must face east, north, or northeast. Additionally, the furniture in that space must be arranged facing west or southwest.

3. Dining Hall

Paint the walls yellow, saffron, or peach if the dining room is facing east. Choose colours like light green and blue if it's in the north. Open all the windows in the morning and make sure the space is well-ventilated because sunshine promotes purification. Don't watch TV while you're eating. Listen to some calming music instead.

Such instructions restate that you are what you input, through food or thoughts. If you input positive, calm information, you will turn into a good, healthy personality.

4. Bedroom

Never allow outdated furniture, electronics, or workout equipment to accumulate in your bedroom. Make sure the bedroom is free of clutter and old, useless objects. Also, never forget the presence of curtains in the room. The main bedroom of the home should be placed in the south-west, according to experts. It draws positive energy and uplifts the family members.

Moreover, your bedroom must not invite the God of death and must face a direction away from the east.

5. Kitchen

According to Vastu, a clean kitchen should be a top concern while creating a home. Since fire always flows in that direction, it should always be placed on the southeast or southern side. The gas stove and sink should be placed separately because fire and water are diametrically opposing elements.

To improve the positive energy in your home, you may need to change or adjust specific areas of your kitchen.

6. Home Temple

For the home temple, pick a place where there won't be much commotion. Praying with your face to the east brings good fortune and progress because it is the direction of the rising Sun and Lord Indra. Turning your prayer to the west can help you attract prosperity. Face north to draw opportunities and positive energy.

The house temple can face any direction but north because it might draw in negative energy.

7. Bathrooms

The toilet and bathroom Vastu directions for home remove negative energy, enhancing your happiness and wellbeing. The best place for a bathroom and toilet in your house is in the northwest corner. The toilet seat works best facing northwest or southeast. When seated on the toilet, the individual should face either the west or the east.


Adhering to the principles of Vastu Shastra can infuse your home with positive energy and can be easily implemented in the design and layout of your home.

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