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YEIDA Plot Scheme 2024: Eligibility, Process, Payment Schedule and Latest Updates

Jan 04, 2024
YEIDA Plot Scheme 2024: Eligibility, Process, Payment Schedule and Latest Updates

YEIDA (Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority) Plot Scheme 2024 is a significant initiative by the Yamuna Authority, offering individuals an excellent chance to acquire residential plots in the dynamic Yamuna Expressway region. With a wide array of plots available, this scheme caters to diverse preferences, making homeownership dreams a reality. The scheme is poised to contribute to the region's rapid development, making it an attractive prospect for those seeking both residential and investment opportunities.

The scheme's introduction signals a strategic move by the Yamuna Authority to unlock the potential of the Yamuna Expressway Authority plots, offering individuals an opportunity to become part of a thriving community. The diverse range of plots available allows for flexibility in choosing the ideal plot size, meeting the varied needs of potential homeowners. As the region continues to witness rapid infrastructure development, the YEIDA Plot Scheme 2024 emerges as a key driver for fostering residential growth and contributing to the overall transformation of the Yamuna Expressway area. Prospective buyers are encouraged to stay tuned for detailed guidelines, eligibility criteria, and the latest updates to make informed decisions about participating in this exciting venture.

YEIDA Plots Scheme 2024

The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has unveiled its latest initiative, the YEIDA Plot Scheme 2024, focusing on the sale of 1,184 residential plots strategically located across three sectors along the expressway. These plots are in close proximity to the upcoming Noida International Greenfield Airport, also known as Jewar Airport.

The scheme offers interested buyers the chance to apply for plots from August 8 to September 1, 2023. Notably, the allocation of plots will be determined entirely through a lucky draw, adding an element of excitement to this promising opportunity for prospective property buyers.

How to download the brochure for YEIDA Plot Scheme?

Follow these simple steps to access the comprehensive information from the brochure for the Yamuna Authority Plot Scheme 2024:

Visit the Official YEIDA Website: Go to the official website of the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA).

Navigate to the Plot Scheme Section: Look for the dedicated section related to the YEIDA Plot Scheme 2024 on the website. This is typically found under the "Schemes" or "Residential Plots" category.

Locate the Brochure Download Link: Within the scheme section, there should be a specific link or button to download the brochure. This might be labeled "Download Brochure" or a similar term. Once you find the download link, click on it. This action will initiate the download of the brochure to your device.

Verify the Brochure File: Check that the downloaded file is in PDF format or the specified format mentioned on the website.

Access the Brochure: Open the downloaded brochure to access detailed information about the YEIDA Plot Scheme 2024, including eligibility criteria, plot details, the application process, and other essential guidelines.

This step-by-step guide will empower you with the necessary information to explore and participate in the YEIDA Plot Scheme 2024.

Yamuna Expressway Authority (YEIDA) Plot Scheme 2024: Key Details

Details Information
Date of Draw for the YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 October 18 - The allotment will occur through a lucky draw under the strict supervision of the allotment committee.
Number of plots under YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 1,184 plots are located across Sectors 16, 17, and 20, in close proximity to the Yamuna Expressway, Noida International Airport, and the Eastern Peripheral Expressway.
Plot price of YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 INR 24,600 per sq. m.
Process to apply for YEIDA 2023 Plot Scheme Prospective homebuyers can download the application form and brochure from the official portal,, along with an INR 500 fee + GST.

YEIDA Plot Scheme: Plot Details

SL no. Number of Plots Plot Size
2 260 162 sq m
3 466 200 sq m
4 208 300 sq m
5 24 500 sq m
6 13 1000 sq m

Latest Update: YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023

On December 11, 2023, the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) introduced an Institutional Plot Scheme near Jewar Airport. The plot size for nursing homes is set at 1,000 square meters, and for hospitals, it's 10,900 square meters. This scheme allows citizens and doctors to apply for plots until January 1, 2024, to establish nursing homes and hospitals. The land rate for these plots near Jewar Airport is INR 1,265 per square meter.

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YEIDA (Yamuna Expressway Authority) Plot Scheme: Eligibility Criteria

Get quick and hassle-free approval by meeting these eligibility criteria for the YEIDA Plot Scheme:

Age requirement: Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

Citizenship: Only Indian citizens are eligible to apply.

No prior allotment: Applicants should not have received a plot or flat from the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority.

Single plot application: Each applicant is allowed to apply for only one plot.

How to apply for YEIDA Plot Scheme?

Concise steps on how to apply for the YEIDA Residential Plot Scheme 2024:

Online Submission:

Visit to submit your application online.

Application Form Collection:

Obtain the application form online by paying INR 500 plus 18% GST through net banking on the same website.

Form Submission:

Complete the application form and submit it online with the required registration money and annexures through Net Banking.

Application Review:

Ensure all details are correct, including a pasted photo and a valid signature/thumb impression, to avoid rejection. If wrong or insufficient information is provided, then the application is immediately rejected.

What is the Current Status of the YEIDA Plot Scheme?

The ongoing development in Sectors 17A, 26A, and 26B, coupled with residential, mixed-use, industrial, and institutional projects, highlights the dynamic progress of the YEIDA Plot Scheme. With the government acquiring land for proposed infrastructure and a significant number of applications received, the scheme's popularity is evident. The scheme offers diverse plot sizes, attracting widespread interest and participation. Over 477 plots of various sizes have attracted a remarkable 85,000 applications, showcasing the high demand and positive response from potential investors.


In conclusion, the YEIDA Plot Scheme stands as a testament to the region's robust development. With completed sectors and ongoing projects spanning residential, commercial, and institutional spaces, the initiative reflects a comprehensive urban vision. The government's strategic land acquisition, coupled with the innovative land pooling policy, positions the scheme for sustained growth.

In the journey towards realizing your dream of owning a piece of the flourishing landscape that YEIDA envisions, consider partnering with SMFG Grihashakti Home Loans. With competitive interest rates, flexible repayment options, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, SMFG Grihashakti Home Loans stands as a reliable companion in your pursuit of a home in the heart of YEIDA's thriving communities.


What is the last date of YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 ?

The last date for the YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 is January 1, 2024.

Plots under YEIDA Plot Scheme are located in which areas?

The plots are located in sectors 16, 17, and 20, near Yamuna Expressway, Jewar Airport, and Eastern Peripheral Expressway.

Where can I check my Yeida allotment status?

To check your YEIDA allotment status, visit the official YEIDA website and access the designated allotment status section.

Should I invest in Yeida plots?

The decision to invest in YEIDA plots depends on individual financial goals, market analysis, and personal preferences. It's advisable to conduct thorough research or consult with real estate experts.

What is the draw date of the YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 ?

The specific draw date for the YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 can be obtained from official announcements or updates by YEIDA; the most recent draw date is updated to be held on December 22, 2023.

How many plots are available under the YEIDA Plot Scheme?

The total number of plots available under the YEIDA Plot Scheme can be found in the official scheme details or brochure; over 1184 plots are currently available under this scheme.

What are the yamuna expressway authority plots?

Yamuna Expressway Authority plots are residential or commercial plots developed and managed by the authority along the Yamuna Expressway.

What is the size of the plot in Yeida?

The size of plots under the YEIDA Plot Scheme varies, and specific details can be found in the official scheme documentation.

Where is the location of the Yeida plot scheme?

The plots under the YEIDA Plot Scheme are located along the Yamuna Expressway in sectors 16, 17, and 20.

What is the acquisition rate of Yeida land?

The acquisition rate of YEIDA land can vary, and the latest information can be obtained from official announcements or by contacting YEIDA directly.

Who is not eligible for Form 16?

Individuals not receiving a salary or those with no TDS deducted are generally not eligible for Form 16.

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