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Value Added Services-vHealth

vHealth by Aetna

Choosing the right healthcare partner for you and your family is one of the most important decisions that you will make. vHealth by Aetna is one of India’s leading preventive care services that offers a single solution for your immediate medical needs (doesn’t include emergency services).

Aetna services is a globally renowned diversified health care benefits company operating out of the United States. With the objective of enhancing the quality of healthcare, Aetna delivers customized technological and health management solutions to approximately 46.7 million people worldwide.

Your life and the life of your loved ones are precious. To bring them under a secure umbrella of protective care, you need to have access to reliable and quality healthcare services.

vHealth by Aetna is an all in one preventive care service that makes day-to-day healthcare and quality outpatient services accessible to individuals and families via telephone and video consultations, home testing, medicine delivery and home healthcare. SMFG Grihashakti offers interested customers the benefits of vHealth and its vast network.

Features and Benefits

Explore the key features and benefits of one stop care solution offered by vHealth.

1. Quality Care

Experience quality care with vHealth by Aetna that only partners with healthcare specialists who are experts in their respective medical fields. vHealth provides customers access to in-house doctors who are trained and certified for teleconsultation by following international protocols to deliver care. Spending quality time with patients is a priority that ensures swift medical diagnosis and treatment. The key is to ensure that patients have the right partner, treatment and guidance on their journey to recovery.

2. End to End Ecosystem

vHealth has partnered with 3500 + network partners enabling customers to be able to access a broad range of healthcare specialties and facilities right from the comfort of their homes. Be it home testing, delivery of medicines, home doctor visits, teleconsultations, appointments for specialist consultation or even home care treatment, vHealth offers it all. Be empowered to take care of your family’s healthcare needs with vHealth that is all inclusive, personalized and affordable.

3. State of the Art Tools

vHealth services are easily accessible via innovative mobile application available on android on iOS. The mobile app acts as a one stop health management terminus where subscribed users are able to archive their medical records and prescriptions. A state of the art platform has been designed to carry out periodic health risk evaluations which can be seamlessly synchronized with wearable devices to monitor health information.

4. Extensive Experience

vHealth is backed by the Aetna foundation that comes with more than 160 years of experience in healthcare management and service delivery. The foundation has specialized in international health benefits for more than 55 years that has led to steady growth in global footprint over many years.

Products offered for SMFG Grihashakti customers

SMFG India Home Finance Co. Ltd. (Formerly Fullerton India Home Finance Co. Ltd.) customers who are interested in opting for the benefits of vHealth products may choose among the following

  • vHealth Gold – INR 9,900. Click here to know more
  • vHealth Gold Plus – INR 26,500. Click here to know more


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