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Important Points to Consider While Buying a Home In Delhi

Jan 02, 2023
Important Points to Consider While Buying a Home In Delhi

Planning to buy your own house in a tier-1 city is a huge step. Among the many famous cities that fall under the bracket, Delhi is undoubtedly the first choice for many. Buying a house in Delhi is one of the most significant decisions one might have to take, considering all the challenges that will tag along.

The key to buying the best home is to go through plenty of properties. Since the cost increase in metropolitan cities is also on the higher side, there is a constant surge in demand for buying housing in the best areas. If you plan to buy a home in Delhi, make sure to put in the application for a home loan first and then figure out all the aspects. Let's look at the major points one can consider if planning to buy property in Delhi.

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Home In Delhi

Delhi is one of India's biggest metropolitan cities, so buying the perfect house while keeping certain aspects in mind is crucial.

Here's the checklist of pointers to look through all the critical reasons before buying property in Delhi:

1. Connectivity and Route Maps

Connectivity has a major role to play in every regard. Before buying a house in Delhi, this is the first and foremost thing to check on. Although Delhi is perfect in regards to connectivity and route maps, having transparent connectivity, at least to the prime locations, is essential. Check if there are schools, hospitals, offices, and entertainment spots close to your location. You may also search for houses that are ideally placed in location with respect to the airport and railway station.

2. Builder Record

Before buying property in Delhi, looking at the builder's background is significant. This is important and can't be ignored due to legal, financial, and reputational reasons. Go through the history of your real estate developer and understand their old projects. Google their previous projects and learn about the way they operate.

3. Construction Quality

While you are looking to buy a home in Delhi, check the construction quality of the properties you like most. Start with looking at the walls, understanding the overall architecture, and feeling the quality of the paint. The other areas where you can focus on are the tiles, the wiring of the house, the repairments, and the space allocation.

4. Locality

When buying property in Delhi, paying attention to the locality is equally needed. Always be well aware of your neighbourhood and build a community rapport. Think about yourself and the members of the family, including their safety. Find answers to all these questions before you buy a property in Delhi.

5. Security

People living in or outside Delhi must inquire about the security system before buying a house in any locality. Hence, checking the level of security that resides within the community, especially when your family is extensive, is crucial. You may choose a property with a watchman or CCTV surveillance system. Choosing a location in Delhi with the safest security option is ideal.

6. Water & Power Supply

There is no point in having a lavish house if you struggle with water and power cuts. When you are buying house in the Delhi NCR region, it can be a common phenomenon where the scarcity of water and electricity is common. This problem in independent houses is even more prominent as there is no power backup source or inverters. Thus, check the water and power supply of the locality where you finally decide to buy a house.

7. Insurance

Getting insurance for the property in Delhi is necessary in case your house undergoes critical damage. Lending institutions provide several insurance policies that one can opt for. Additionally, make sure to understand the cost and formalities involved in the due process of buying a property.

8. Parking

Buying a house in Delhi is more accessible than is to find a parking facility. Make sure to look at the parking space before opting for a flat or residential society. Usually, the parking space is the part of the property you are about to buy. On the contrary, the rules differ when buying an independent house in Delhi.


Buying a house is a significant step; therefore, it is important to understand all the aspects before finalizing the final space.

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